When people are traveling across the country sometimes they will consider using roof racks specifically if their motor vehicle is not large enough to transport the luggage in the trunk.  This is becoming a more common method as the racks are easy to buy and install therefore for the end user, it’s a more convenient way.  There are still a lot of things you need to consider though when doing this.

Roof Rack with Cover

Depending on what it is you are actually traveling with, a roof rack with a cover may be a convenient option.  This is particularly common when traveling with a lot of luggage.  There are several benefits to this type of roof racks which include, keeping whatever you have stored within it relatively dry if you travel through adverse weather (although the majority of these racks are not 100% weatherproof).  These are generally easy to install although you may need a small step ladder when loading and unloading to get ensure you get all items in and out ok.  Watch out though if you plan to leave items in this unattended.  These are generally not particularly secure therefore if you have items in their unattended it could be a great target for a thief.

Bicycle Rack

One of the most common ways that people transport their bikes is via a roof rack on their car.  This is another inexpensive way to transport the bikes.  These roof racks are also very easy to install and are available from many stores and online retailers.  One thing that is definitely required to be aware of when traveling using this method is the weather conditions.  If the weather is very windy and you have a few bikes installed on your roof then it can affect your driving stability and maybe swerve your car slightly so be aware of this.   Similar to the roof racks with covers, there is a level of insecurity with these therefore if you plan to leave the bikes unattended for a period of time this may also be a target for someone looking for a nice new bike.

Don’t Damage your Car

Over the past decade, actually installing a roof rack on your car has become a task that is a lot easier to do and the manufacturer will give you idiot proof instructions as to how to do this.  There is still, however, the possibility for you to make a mistake and damage your vehicle.  Take specific note when doing this not to scratch or dent your car.  There are videos online for example on YouTube where you can see many different examples of how to do this taking the precautionary steps to prevent any damage.  If you are renting a car then sometimes you can get a rack included in the rental price.  If there is not one installed and you want to do this yourself then be sure to get the permission from the rental car company first.