India has many beautiful places to explore. Exploring places like Darjeeling, Gangtok, Sikkim, etc. are always considered as the best Trips to India. But the budget plays a significant role while deciding on a trip, especially for people from Canada, Australia, and the United States.

Foreigners coming in India always enjoy the country and passes a lovely response. We still remember people newly visiting the country having a charming happy face. And while asking about how did they like it, they just said its colorful!

Sikkim is beautiful and suitable for making a trip because of its various fascinating sight scenes. You can visit Sikkim with your lovable friends and families. And the best part is, the Sikkim trip budget doesn’t ask you much money though. The trips to India can be made on a low budget if you know how to customize them well.

So let’s talk about this today! We will try to cover the maximum things about this place. And try to give you the maximum information possible.

Why Sikkim?

It would probably be the most poking question in your mind right now! Well, also a valid one.

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Sikkim state attracts a vast number of tourists every year. It is a surprising fact that majority of the Sikkim tourist population is not from Indians, but foreigners. No doubt the state has got multiple peaceful places to visit and enjoy the time.

Places like:

  • Gurudongmar Lake
  • Nathula Pass
  • Buddha Park
  • Siddheswar Dham
  • Ranka Monastery
  • Tsomgo Lake
  • Singshore Bridge
  • MG Marg
  • Rumtek Monastery.

These are the major attraction of Sikkim. These names include the historic locations, parks, various religious sites and whatnot. Also when you visit Sikkim, you never miss the Gangtok. Gangtok is itself a big attraction for the tourists and every day it gets bombarded with a huge crowd. Therefore when being a tourist, decide to do Sikkim as a tour, no doubt it’s a great decision that you are taking. A Sikkim Trip Budget also covers Gangtok.

Coming to the weather of Sikkim, it must be said that Sikkim has comparatively comfortable climate than other states of India. Sikkim in December is an excellent decision for tourists. Your summers will be sorted if you be there at that time. Also, the monsoon, because this time is the calmest and nature-loving weather in Sikkim.

A December trip to Sikkim is much talked and appreciated because December is the wintertime there and it gets beautiful snowfall at that time. People who would love to enjoy an unforgettable spring and autumn season with their loved ones, they should visit Sikkim. Considering the months of April to May & October to November will be the best thing for visiting.

The winter appears in December to February, so your trip in between this duration would also be extraordinary to witness.

When you got to go to an excellent place for a trip, there are a few things you must know about the area. It will help you to explore the place better. 

5 rarely known facts about Sikkim

The Foreign Diversity 

Sikkim is the only least populated state in India, with a more significant amount of foreign population. Generally, this population is much of Nepalese, but you will also see foreign tourists. So if you instantly end up seeing some of your Canadian or Mexican friends don’t get stumped.

Sikkim is an Indian State – but not by birth 

India struggled big time to take Sikkim under the Indian Territory. Or else they would have lost the beautiful state to some other countries. You will see the citizens here are a little different than others.

The Attraction of Lord Shiva 

The place called Siddheswar Dham in Sikkim has a 108-foot tall statue of Lord Shiva, which is the major attraction of the tourists. So many of you who love to worship God will enjoy the calmness and purity of this place.

Soldiers Live in Temples 

It might be a digressive thing for you to see. Rather than building homages for their soldiers, in Sikkim, you will see soldiers are living in temples. It is how it is; this is a basic scenario in there.

The Diversity of Languages 

Sikkim is a small state, but, remarkably, around 11 languages are spoken here. So don’t just try to jump into everything you see. Many different races of people are living in that small place. Just be patient to understand them and let them know you.

About doing Gangtok

Gangtok has been taken as the best part of India to make a trip. It’s also called the honeymoon capital of India. Therefore every month, a significant population decides to tour in these two places and find excellent packages.

Every day a considerable crowd bombards the land of Darjeeling, Sikkim and Gangtok. They are the tourists who come here and enjoy the best for days and days. Checking this diversified tourist groups give us a conclusion that a considerable proportion of these tourists love to be there for a longer time.  And many of them are also frequent visitors.

Sikkim and Gangtok tour packages are not heavy on the budget. An ordinary person typically earning around $20K a month can easily afford a seven-day tour to Darjeeling. And if you are a foreigner from countries like US, Canada, Mexico or the UK, you will find it cheaper to do.

Touring to Gangtok

In the case of touring, if you are not going solo or independently, then selecting the right travel agency and also the package is your concern. We help you with the right information and the pros and cons, by which you can make your trip to India better. 

Taking Subscriptions

The necessary duration of the Sikkim-Gangtok tour package stands with 4-7 days. There is an enormous number of packages available for Darjeeling, Sikkim and Gangtok tour. Generally, maximum of them are affordable. For Indians reading my blog, you people will find it easily from your country and will have a vast number of options. People from outside India, try landing up in India first and then only subscribed to a package. It would be far cheaper and budget-friendly.

A basic charge you would be asked to pay is around $100 or 6K INR per person. And if the trip is for 6-7 days, then it’s an excellent package to go. Many of these packages may not be customizable. As customizable we mean, few activities can be there which you might not like to do and try for something different at the same price. Therefore you must try to go with packages which are flexible and friendly.

A holiday of 6 days is more than enough to enjoy in Sikkim & Gangtok. Hense proper planning will lead you to have tremendous fun.

To plan your days better and have an easy trip, here is a roadmap for sightseeing, you would like to follow:

1. Try to start the first day with Bagdogra; it is also known as IXB. Once you have done here, you can easily reach an altitude of 5500ft of the capital Gangtok by 4 hours. Go with the better options of transports; it will make your journey in this hilly area comfortable.

2. There are multiple places for sightseeing in Gangtok. Some of the attractions are – Hanuman Tak, Ganesh Tak, Tashi View Point, Stupa, Rumtek Monastery & Dharma.

3. The Tsongo Lake & Baba Mandir is an excellent place to witness if you are taking a trip to Gangtok. It has a height of 12400ft. You can easily travel it from the city, which comes under 30 km.

4. Hope you have heard the name of Pelling! Even people who haven’t been to Gangtok, they would have heard it. Pelling is an excellent place in Gangtok to spend your afternoon splendidly. It has rimbi falls, rock garden, lakes, etc. The sunset of Pelling is something very bizarre that no tourist wants to miss it.