Scottsdale-based Aero Jet Services, an industry leader in luxury private jet charter, is making holiday travel an unforgettable and hassle free experience. This holiday season, Aero Jet Services is treating their clients to a first class luxury experience that is second to none.

“We are excited for this upcoming holiday season,” said Michael McCain, Aero Jet Services’ Director of Business Development. “We have our entire fleet of aircraft carriers geared up and ready to soar into the most sought-after and exclusive holiday destinations.”

Holiday travel is the busiest it has been in six years, so there is no surprise that Aero Jet Services is prepared to help their clients with their elite travel needs during this holiday season. Booking your air travel ahead of time is a must since popular destinations air landing slots are offered on a first come, first serve basis. Whether clients are looking to fly to the white mountains of Telluride, CO. or the white sandy beaches of The Caribbean, Aero Jet Services brings style, class, comfort and safety to any destination.

Looking to get somewhere fast? Beat the storm with Aero Jet Services where private travel gets in and out fast. Have a lot of baggage? Don’t trust putting those Saloman Ski’s or those Titleist golf clubs with just any aircraft carrier? Well, no need to fret, Aero Jet Services handles all equipment and requests of their clients with the care and ease that only a private jet service can offer.

With Aero Jet, clients will be provided all the necessities for a world class experience during this busy holiday season. The company turns its client’s needs and wants into reality, making for a perfect solution to your holiday travel accommodations.

Established in 1997, Aero Jet Services is located in North Scottsdale at the Scottsdale Air Park. Owned and operated by Arizona residents Mike and Marilyn Aaby, Aero Jet Services is a jet charter company that can transport and arrange travel around the globe at any time of day. The company is known for its impressive safety record and for putting the needs and wants of its clients first. For more information, visit