Driving in the United States is a dream. It’s no wonder that so many of us will take the time to set off on an epic road trip throughout the country. Whether you have a specific route in mind, or simply found that it’s cheaper to drive to your destination instead of flying, it doesn’t matter. A road trip is a road trip, and if done right, it can be the most exciting, memorable trip you’ll ever take in your life. That is, of course, if everything goes smoothly.

If you are involved in an accident, things can quickly become derailed. That is why, before you leave, you will want to be familiar with what to do: 

Ensure You Have Out of State Health Coverage

Before you even set foot in your vehicle and drive out of town and out of state, go back and check your health insurance coverage. Most health insurance policies will restrict you in terms of which providers you can use and be covered under, so calling your provider directly to ask them to clarify your policy is a must.

If Your Health Coverage Doesn’t Make the Cut

If your healthcare insurance doesn’t cover out of state, or you want it to provide more coverage, then simply invest in travel insurance. It’s the smartest way to cover yourself medically in the case of an accident.

Inform Your Insurance Providers Following an Accident

If you do get into an accident, your first step will be to inform your healthcare insurance provider or your travel insurance provider of the accident. This way, you can start your policy claim as soon as possible. Your car insurance provider will also need to be notified, and evidence of the accident will need to be gathered. Thankfully, you don’t have to handle all of this if you hire legal representation.

Hire Legal Professionals

If you are injured and it wasn’t your fault, then the best way to move forward is with an accident lawyer who specializes in local laws. If you are in Omaha, for example, then you will want to hire the best Omaha Car Accident Lawyer available to handle your case. Health or travel insurance might be able to cover your medical bills, and your car insurance may cover repairs, but anything else is not included. Rehabilitation, mobility aids, the total cost of a new car (since insurance companies typically only cover the value of your car at present), pain and suffering – all of these costs are not typically covered by your insurance and instead need a specialist in the law to negotiate on your behalf.

Focus on Recovery

Now that you are covered legally and financially, and the wheels are spinning to get you your money back – as well as compensation – it’s time to focus on the most important thing: your recovery. As you have a lawyer working on getting you your deserved compensation, you should look at the most comprehensive rehabilitation package possible. Compensation, in particular, is calculated based on the losses you have earned, and the cost of additional physiotherapy and similar therapies will be included in the claim.