Treat the man in your life to one of these 10 signature colognes

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Help your favorite guy find his favorite new scent by exploring these 10 signature colognes. There’s something to please every nose!

Did you know that 75% of all the emotions you experience are a result of things you smell? The scents you encounter from day to day have a great impact on you, even after an entire year you’re able to recall a scent with 65% accuracy.

Pleasant smelling scents are known to improve mood by 40%. They can reduce stress and certain scents can improve productivity.

Choosing the right perfume or cologne can help change your overall mood. You can also help the man in your life find a few signature colognes that he can wear for every occasion.

Keep reading to know what’s on our list of the best-smelling men’s cologne.

1. Creed Aventus Offers the Perfect Blend of Scents

Creed Aventus is the perfect cologne for that man in your life that wants to stand out from the crowd. The combination of scents might seem like they don’t fit together but they create a unique blend that will attract the attention of all.

On the sweeter side, the cologne includes things like apple and pineapple. While the stronger scents include patchouli and birch.

Musk gives it that masculine scent everyone loves. This is a great option for wearing at work.

2. Feel the Intensity of Gucci Guilty

This cologne is perfect for every daredevil or any man that goes against the grain. Pink pepper and lemon give it that punchy scent, while the lavender scent softens it up a bit. Patchouli and cedarwood give it the smoky quality every man wants.

This cologne is perfect for the modern man, the one who’s always looking for his next adventure. It represents the sexy and sophisticated man like no other fragrance.

3. Mr. Burberry Is a Perfect Date Night Men’s Fragrance

Mr. Burberry has the most inviting scent of all. That’s why it’s the perfect date night cologne.

Cinnamon, amber, tarragon, and lavender create the captivating smell that your special person will love. If you aren’t going on dates, this is still the perfect cologne to wear out on the town with friends.

The best thing about Mr. Burberry is that it works well in every season of the year.

4. 1 Million by Paco Rabanne Is One of a Kind

One of the most masculine scents on the list, this cologne is for the man who wants to show off a little bit. Citrus scents like grapefruit and mandarin are combined with cinnamon and leather to create something truly one of a kind.

The design of the bottle will even make the man in your life feel like a million bucks. The golden bar representing the lavish lifestyle every man and woman wants.

5. Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Oud Silk Mood Sets the Right Mood

The Oud Silk Mood cologne creates the perfect balance of scents to appeal to every kind of man. Rose, blue chamomile, Indian papyrus, and Italian bergamot blend into a worldly fragrance like no other.

This cologne sets the right mood for any occasion with how light and bright it feels. It also works well no matter the season of the year.

6. Valentino Uomo Intense Is the Signature Scent for Winter

This long-lasting scent is the perfect addition to a man’s winter collection of colognes. It’s subtle but stands out at the same time.

This is why it’s perfect to wear while the cold weather keeps you inside with your special someone. Another bonus is that it works perfectly for a man of any age.

Bergamot, leather, gianduja cream, and roasted coffee are what make up this unique fragrance, believe it or not.

7. Bleu De Chanel Is the Classic Choice

Chanel is probably one of the first brands that come to mind when you think of sophistication and timelessness. Bleu de Chanel is no different as it’s the classic cologne every man should have on his dresser.

Ginger, amber, and cedar along with some citrus notes create a scent that is more refreshing and woody. It can be worn while out with friends or at the office as well and the great thing is that the scent will last for hours.

8. Hugo Boss Eau De Toilette

The Hugo Boss fragrance is the right fragrance for the sexy, intellectual man in your life. It represents the modern man in a great way with refreshing scents that capture the best parts of masculinity.

Apple and citrus add to its fruity scent while gloves, cinnamon, vanilla, sandalwood, and musk give Hugo Boss another layer to round it out. This popular fragrance is one every man must try.

9. She Came to Stay by Timothy Han

An interesting fact about this cologne is that it’s inspired by the Simone de Beauvoir novel, She Came to Stay. Every fragrance by Timothy Han is inspired by a novel or other famous writing.

This one is for the older, more sophisticated gentleman in your life. This fragrance will have all the noses turning.

Patchouli, oakmoss, vetiver, basil, and lemon help create this cologne that’s full of so much life and intrigue. It’s best worn on a night out.

10. Christian Dior’s Sauvage

Christian Dior’s Sauvage combines many different notes to create a great fresh scent. Geranium, lavender, citrus, pepper, and patchouli blend together perfectly to capture the rugged man like no other cologne does.

It’s perfect for the fancier occasions but can be worn on a normal day as well. It’s long-lasting and even withstands warmer weather.

Signature Colognes Every Man Has to Try

The signature colognes on this list are some of the best and most popular fragrances for men. They should be on the top of your list for the special man in your life.

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