UFOs are landing in Scottsdale! An exciting attraction exploring the history and fascination of UFOs and extraterrestrial life will open at Arizona Boardwalk this fall. UFO Experience: The Truth is Out There will feature more than 200 alien artifacts, conceptual models, documented film clips, and recordings that support claims of life outside of planet earth dating back to ancient encounters through modern day sightings.

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“If you love science-fiction, are someone who embraces the idea of life on other planets, or even the biggest skeptic of other-worldly beings, this attraction is for you,” said Arizona Boardwalk Managing Partner, Ran Knishinsky. “I think everyone has wondered if we are alone in the galaxy and news surfacing recently about confidential U.S. government files regarding UFO sightings and human-alien contact fuels some of our beliefs. As the Southwest remains a hotbed for eye-witness-accounts of unidentified lights in the sky, flying saucers, and tales of alien encounters, the UFO Experience could not be timelier! A visit to UFO Experience may sway you about other lifeforms out there.”

The out-of-this-world, family-friendly UFO Experience was designed to pique the curiosities of visitors of all ages regarding UFOs and aliens.  UFO Experience will feature seven galleries showcasing sightings, ancient alien encounters, the military’s role in modern sightings, galactic travel, a simulation of an alien abduction (based on thousands of first-hand and eye-witness accounts), an alien spacecraft, and pop culture’s fascination with extraterrestrial life. An entertaining and immersive experience, the exhibit’s interactive elements include a spaceship boarding pass, 3D film, an “alien hunter” laser shooting game, hands-on analysis of alien specimens, a “moon bounce” (pun intended) for pint-sized visitors, and video/audio recordings of famous sightings worldwide that include access to government documents, military footage, and 911 emergency calls.

Appealing to the UFO and alien believers as well as skeptics, UFO Experience explores both the human side and the science fiction side of extraterrestrial encounters and UFOs. The attraction highlights famous UFO events in places like Area 51 and Roswell and allows visitors to reach their own conclusions about the many conspiracy theories swirling around these incidents. It also provides an impressive tour of past and present propulsion systems and their contribution to modern day space travel.  No other entity embraces sci-fi like Hollywood and UFO Experience’s Pop Culture gallery brings guests face-to-face with replica props from tinsel-town’s most memorable space alien productions like ETAlien, and Men in Black!

“In UFO Experience, visitors will take a comprehensive look at alien encounters all in one place,” said Knishinsky. “The extraordinary content in the galleries has been provided by UFOlogists as well as collectors from around the world. The resources from these researchers and pop-culture fanatics give the exhibit the highest source of authority, if not credibility, when it comes to the possibility of extraterrestrial life and unidentified flying objects. In many instances, there simply is no explanation for what people have witnessed or justification for what remains in the aftermath of an encounter — other than to believe aliens have landed and there is life beyond ours on earth. What we think most visitors will draw from touring UFO Experience is that the topic remains fascinating.”

UFO Experience is a family-friendly experience and will be the eighth attraction at Arizona Boardwalk. Located on the second floor of the entertainment destination, UFO Experience will replace The Science of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! which closed on September 25.  UFO Experience is part of three new attractions opening this fall which also includes Cyber Quest Family Arcade and The Museum of Illusions.