Do you love giving gifts? If so, you are probably counting down the days to Christmas. October is a perfect time for gift shopping, considering how insane a few weeks before holidays usually get.

What to buy for a guy who has almost everything? The list could go on and on. Finding the perfect gift for a man is not an easy task. It is not true that we are all “the same” – each of us will enjoy something different.

Handing your boyfriend, your partner, dad, or brother another pair of socks or a tie will undoubtedly be a safe choice, but let’s be honest – not very exciting. In 2020, surprise him and bet on something original. Your gift doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive, but it should show him that you bought it with him in mind.

 1. Custom Leather Wallet

We will not be too original if we say that men’s leather wallets are the best gift for a man close to your heart. It is the leather that gives them a unique, full of elegance and good taste character. The more so that today’s designers are competing in creating unusual, elegant, and tasteful, and at the same time, extremely functional models. Nowadays, a men’s leather wallet is a successful combination of an old wallet, a sachet, and even a bank locker. The engraving looks most beautiful on good quality leather.

Reaching for the wallet will become a real pleasure for both the giver and the receiver. It doesn’t matter that with time it became covered with scratches – that’s life after all. Our initials, names, and dedications still look glorious, and the engraving seems as if it was made yesterday. A custom leather wallet is a quality we recommend for an ultimate gift for him! We guarantee that the men’s leather wallet with engraved initials or a name will never lose any of its beauty and elegance. Used daily, it will become an inseparable companion and a witness to the successes, joys, and sometimes failures and sorrows. Thanks to the engraving of initials, it will always be a great souvenir and an unforgettable gift.

A seemingly small gift is enough for the world to turn upside down. Maybe you and your partner are newly engaged, and together you are already making serious plans for the future. Most of your dreams might depend on your budget, so a custom leather wallet with an engraving for your fiance is a great gift idea. Thanks to its personalization, the wallet can be a witty gift and a funny omen for your near future.

2. Beard Balm

Are you choosing a gift for a bearded man who really likes to care for his mane? Go for a beard balm. Beard balm is a product that men with choose most often for self-care. This type of cosmetic not only cares for but also styles the facial hair. It helps to keep it in check and perfectly protects against the influence of harmful external factors. Before choosing the right beard balm, you should know that there are different types of beard balms depending on the specific needs:

• Liquid beard balm (emulsion) is something between an oil and a lotion – the answer to the expectations of those who do not like oils. This type of cosmetic has a liquid, but non-greasy formula, so it does not leave as visible a trace as an oil, but it covers the entire beard and moisturizes the skin underneath it.

• Creamy beard balm is the product most often chosen by bearded men. Its main task is to moisturize and nourish the beard, but it also helps to tame it effectively and properly arrange it. Its formula is usually based on Shea butter, cocoa butter, or beeswax, which visibly improves the condition of the hair – softens it and gives it shine. After using the creamy balm, your man’s beard can be styled as needed.

• A beard balm with a waxy consistency is a cosmetic that is usually used by experienced bearded men. It is characterized by a firm grip, thanks to which it will tame almost every beard. All thanks to the increased amount of beeswax. This type of cosmetic plays a maintenance and styling role.

Beard balms can smell phenomenal. This is an additional advantage of this type of product. They will be perfect as a gift.

3. A Good Book

There are quite a few occasions to present a friend, colleague, or beloved man with a gift throughout the year. A great book that will speak to him is always a fantastic idea for a gift. Books inspire, allow us to dream big, intellectually stimulate the most stubborn mind, and provide room for relaxation and connection.

Men like to read good books. They have favorite literary genres and do not avoid reading novelties. Knowing this, we get an insight into which book we will please our man with the most. Since every man has individual preferences regarding literature, it is worth knowing among which genres to look for a book gift for him.

4. Bottle Of Gold Flecked Champagne

Instead of a gold medal for perseverance, buy your husband or your partner a bottle of champagne with gold flecks inside. We are sure that you have not even thought about such a gift. This kind of show of appreciation will not only look amazing, but it is also a great souvenir that can be left for later to return to this beautiful moment with memories. You can demonstrate your artsy side by looking for a way to personalize the bottle, such as customizing the label of the gold-flecked champagne, which allows you to leave a unique dedication, making it even more meaningful and sophisticated.