Has an injury ever gotten in the way of things you love? Whether it be your weekly golf league or simply playing pickleball with your friends on a Sunday afternoon, we can all agree it is not fun to be on the sidelines. You might find that rest can temporarily reduce your pain, only for the injury to flare again once you return to your activities. Maybe you have to rely on pain medication, but the side effects cause additional problems. Regardless of age, quality physical therapy can often be the answer to injury prevention and recovery.

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A recent article explored the effects of various exercises interventions on injury prevention, and the results may be surprising. Strength training is the far superior method of preventing sports injuries and overuse injuries when compared to stretching, proprioception training, and a multiple exposure program (Lauersen et al., 2014). Now, does this mean stretching is bad? No, it certainly has its place in our lives. However, it demonstrates the importance of resistance training paired alongside a consistent warm-up routine.

We can understand that finding a program that’s right for you can be difficult. Oftentimes, one can feel lost with the large amount, and often contradictory, information on the internet. Have you ever found yourself asking the following questions:

• What should I be doing to get better?

• Am I using the correct form?

• Does my current program address the appropriate muscles?

• Is this individual going to help me achieve my goals?

• If so, then fitness-forward physical therapy may be the answer you are searching for!


If you are injured it can be painful and difficult to strength train and make you feel lost or hopeless. This is where Aurelio Performance Physical Therapy comes into play! We specialize in rehabbing athletes of all ages and helping you stay active while addressing the injury. We use the latest research and treatment methods to take the guesswork out of your rehab journey. This includes a thorough evaluation, manual therapy when appropriate, exercise programming, and return-to-sport testing. We relentlessly pursue quality to help you achieve your goals.

Author: Marco Machado is the owner and clinic director for Aurelio Performance Physical Therapy. Aurelio Performance Physical Therapy is a locally-owned clinic in Scottsdale specializing in one-on-one care. Give them a call at (480) 569-2442 or check out www.aureliophysicaltherapy.com.