Scope out Scottsdale Airport, and you’ll likely be in awe of the elite jets flying in and out of the exclusive hub. The majority of us can only dream of weekend getaways via private aircraft- surely it’s a transportation of choice via the rich and famous. However, Valley residents might be surprised to learn of a new service granting affordable charter flights for business and pleasure.

Vernon Aviation is the Valley’s first Pilatus PC-12 charter service, and it’s not the cliché jet-based aviation company. Vernon Aviation makes flying in a private aircraft cost effective for just about anyone.

Ideal for families, business teams, friends and independent travelers, the Pilatus accommodates up to nine passengers and has a range of 1,500 miles non-stop. The Swiss aircraft manufacturer, Pilatus Aircraft, has built their reputation on innovation, comfortability, luxury and safety, giving fliers an experience they’ll never forget.

Unlike most jets, the Pilatus can comfortably seat nine passengers- great for getaway trips with friends or business excursions. It features plush leather seating and even a lavatory. Plus, your pet can ride in the cabin instead of cargo, like in most commercial situations. And of course, you’re dodging security lines and wait time when flying commercial.

Vernon Aviation takes pride in their pleasing philosophy- aiming to accommodate one person: you. Once at the hangar, air departure is usually within 15 minutes. Taking worry out of air travel, the company offers personal attention before, during, and after a flight.

The Vernon team is excited to offer Scottsdale-based specials; round trip packages to LA, Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco and Telluride. Want to escape for a ski weekend in Colorado? No problem. The Pilatus planes can access remote locations commercial flights cannot. For an added fee, the Vernon concierge can arrange car service and more for ease in vacation planning.

When it comes to safety, Vernon Aviation boasts a perfect record and all aircraft are maintained by mechanics with their FAA issued Inspection Authorization and the trained, licensed commercial pilots boast thousands of hours of flight experience.

As most consumers do, perspective fliers will find their service to be surprisingly affordable. Each flight is calculated individually with multiple factors involved, but is approximately $1,500/hour. While it may sound like a nice chunk of change, it’s really not; keep in mind that the Pilatus PC-12 travels at 300 mph, and the plane can carry up to nine passengers so this price can easily be split among travelers. That’s right; split between a group of nine passengers, you’ll average about $150-$175 per person per flight hour.

Flying private with Vernon gives you room to breathe, without a cramped, crowded and untimely commercial experience. Working off your schedule, this Valley newcomer is sure to “woo” residents, gifting travelers a flawless option in air travel.

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