Are you planning a wedding?

You may feel lots of excitement and a little bit of anxiety about the process. Don’t let the pressure of making everything perfect for such an important day overwhelm you.

Knowing how to plan will take your stress away. Keep reading to learn the steps to planning a wedding!

Step 1: Budget

Create a budget. Add your incomes, savings, and outside help, then minus your normal expenses.

Once you discover your limit, decide how much you can spend on each portion of the wedding planning process. Price shop to get the best deal for essentials and then focus on unnecessary details.

Step 2: Discuss Non-Negotiables

Talk with your partner about the aspects of the wedding you cannot negotiate. This might involve religious beliefs, important guests, location, etc.

Naming your non-negotiables upfront prevents surprise requests later in the planning process. You both may feel more open and less stressed than you would be discussing this closer to the wedding.

Step 3: Theme

Set a theme that you two can plan everything around. This will help keep everything congruent.

There are all different types of weddings. Choose something that captures the essence of your unique relationship.

Some wedding themes include:

  • Traditional
  • Romantic
  • Whimsical
  • Destination
  • Tropical
  • Barnyard

You could also keep it simple and just go with a color scheme. Compromise to create a day you both love.

Step 4: Venue

Choose a place based on price, availability, and needs. Look at location, size, menu, and other accommodations.

Consider where you will sleep that night and make sure it does not require too much travel time. Some popular venues include hotels, golf courses, barns, and estates.

Step 5: Guest List and Seating Chart

All of the details will matter to you. But who witnesses your union and celebrates it with you matters most.

Together, make a list of everybody you know. Categorize people from essential to unnecessary.

Seat your parents and immediate family closest to the head table. The less essential your guest, the further they sit from you. Use a wedding floor plan layout to guide you.

Step 6: Food Plan

Your food choices depend on the wedding style. Fancy weddings serve more opulent meals.

A buffet allows people to eat what they want at the moment while a set meal helps keep your cost under control. Also, consider desserts and order your wedding cake 6 months in advance.

Step 7: Music

Music sets the tone for your special night. Decide whether you want to hire a DJ or a band.

A DJ provides more versatility with the genres. But, your favorite band playing may feel more exclusive.

Step 8: Attire

Purchase the dress a year in advance and the tux six months prior. The bride should get alterations two months before the wedding and both parties should get their attire fitted two weeks ahead of time.

Purchase the rings six months in advance. They might match, but remember you both will wear these always. So you should both love them and feel excited to wear them on your wedding day.

The bridal party should usually purchase their bridesmaid dresses and tuxes at least six months in advance. When ordering bridesmaid dresses online, however, experts recommend doing so at least eight months in advance. There is always a chance alterations or returns might be needed, and shipping times can vary greatly between vendors.

(For a vendor who offers custom alterations on a wide selection of bridesmaid dresses, as well a plenty of ready-to ship options, we highly recommend Bella Bridesmaids.)

Enjoy the Steps to Planning a Wedding

Remember, you only get one wedding together. Make the steps to planning a wedding fun and special!

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