While owning a car for the first time or even the umpteenth time, getting involved in a reckless car accident is one of the last things you would want on your wishlist. A car accident can lead to several unwanted consequences that are often severe in nature. These include permanent injuries to the accident victims, damage to the car and surroundings, lawsuits, or even death. Most of these accidents are related to obvious and redundant facts, most of which would seem obvious to experienced drivers.

Still, the aim of this article is to enlighten drivers from all age groups to avoid getting involved in an accident. We have enlisted all the common causes of accidents in the form of a list, in order to educate the youngster who just got his first license as well as an experienced car enthusiast with over 40 years of driving experience.

Driving a car while avoiding accidents is always the hardest part for any driver, no matter his driving experience. Hopefully, by following this list carefully, you can avoid getting your used Honda Accord in a petty accident any time soon.

Here are the top causes of accidents on the roads:

Distracted driving

The number one reason for car accidents on the road may end up surprising a lot of car enthusiasts. No, it is not a driver who drove drunk, over-sped or ran a red light. Distracted drivers are the major cause of car accidents on the streets of the US Often, drivers take their eyes off the road to attend a phone call, send a text message or eat food.

This negligence costs them later on, as they end up crashing their car on a pole or another car. Drivers should always keep total concentration on the road. If you want to do some other task, just pull over somewhere instead of continuing to drive the car.


The saying ‘Speed Kills’ duly applies in this scenario as well. Most drivers feel the rush of adrenaline while cruising on the highway and then break the speed limits at their mercy, driving over 10, 20, or sometimes even 30 mph over the speed limit. Over-speeding is one of the easiest ways to cause a car HYPERLINK “https://injuryfacts.nsc.org/motor-vehicle/motor-vehicle-safety-issues/speeding/”accident, as it slows your reaction time while braking to prevent an accident. Not to mention that you will also end up with a sweet speeding ticket if you get caught by the law.

Drunk driving

Alcohol can inhibit your ability to focus on the road and make the right decisions while driving. Drunk driving is an extremely dangerous factor that contributes to the majority of accidents. People know this fact and yet still insist on driving even though they might be drunk to the core. Always book an Uber or ride with a sober friend on the way back home to prevent any major mishap.

Reckless driving

Driving carefully always comes in handy to prevent any untoward accidents. Trying to overtake, change lanes suddenly, tailgating, or reversing in traffic can only end up causing a car accident. You should always drive with patience while maneuvering through traffic and keep a safe distance from aggressive drivers.

Ignoring traffic signals

A red traffic light indicates that the driver has to stop his car right then and there. Running red lights not only breaks the traffic rules but also puts you at risk of severe side-impact collisions at high speeds due to the incoming traffic from the sides. Always check both sides of the road before you are about to pass a green light as well.

Teenage Drivers

Our country’s teenagers are always filled with enthusiasm and raw energy whenever they get their hands on their first car. Unfortunately, their lack of experience speaks dividends as teen drivers are often the ones that are most involved in a car accident. If you have a young driver at home, it may be wise to take some time off your schedule to teach your kid some proper driving manners.

Rainy or snowy conditions

If the weather takes the turn for the worse, driving conditions also get compromised. Torrential rain creates slippery and dangerous surfaces for cars, trucks, and other automobiles to ride on. Often, these vehicles can spin out of control or skid while braking, thus causing accidents. Similarly, snowy conditions with their mixture of ice and water are a recipe for disaster. You should always drive carefully without any haste while driving in rainy or snowy conditions.

Potholes and Bad Road Conditions

Potholes are always a nuisance to handle while driving. Driving over these potholes may leave you with a blown-up tire while trying to avoid them altogether may compel you to switch lanes in a jiffy, which is a risky act while driving in rush-hour traffic. If you spot a pothole from afar, always make sure to signal the driver behind you with proper turn signals to avoid running over the pothole. Always be on the lookout for speed breakers and other road bumps as well.


Tailgating is the act of following a car ahead of you very closely. Tailgating is a dangerous driving ethic in itself, because if the driver ahead suddenly applies the brakes, you may not be in a proper position to react within the nick of time and apply the brakes. Tailgating at high speeds is one of the major reasons behind highway accidents. You should always be mindful about keeping a safe distance from the car ahead.

Street racing

The Fast & Furious franchise has popularized street racing to a great extent. However, in reality, the powerful turbo engines and nitrous oxide boosters of these street-racing cars are a menacing presence for other drivers on the streets. These super-fast cars can touch very high speeds while grinding it out in a street race.

Any car accidents that result out of street races are often fatal in nature. Besides, street racing is an illegal act in most countries around the world, so it is best to keep the law at bay by avoiding these crimes.

Other major factors that contribute to car accidents include:

  • Driving in night
  • Manufacturing defects in cars
  • Driving on the wrong way
  • Road rage
  • Animal crossings
  • Windy conditions
  • Driving under the influence of drugs
  • Fog