Most people go to massage therapy to enhance the health of the body or decrease pain. In most cultures, they know massage and practice it. Massage therapy includes many techniques. Despite its benefits, you can’t replace it with medical care, and you should ask yourself if it’s too harmful to protect yourself from pain.

You should know that a massage can help you to get rid of stress, migraine, and serious diseases, but also you should know a bad massage can injure nerves and cause muscle spasms, and inflammation.

Massage can make things worse sometimes, it would be like working out, because it forces the blood into your muscles, bringing nutrients and removing toxins so it will bring discomfort from the increased inflammation in areas that the body feels this process is called the healing response.

Massages and techniques

Many massage therapists are trained in multiple techniques that extended in pressure and timing. If a technique of massage therapy doesn’t feel therapeutic for you but you just feel pain, please speak up and require adjustment.

They may be able to find out the problem area, but we can’t feel the intensity of your pain response. Communication with your therapist and telling them about your medical history like allergies, changes to medications, and recent diseases will affect using the massage techniques and your body’s response to them and give you the most useful from the sessions.

A void massage therapy under these conditions:

• Take blood-thinning medication for bleeding disorders, circulatory system issues (high blood pressure, stroke, or varicose veins)

• A very low platelet count (hard thrombocytopenia)

• Broken bones

• Healing or burn wounds

• Hard osteoporosis

• Infections from all things surrounding us during massage, skin conditions (herpes, boils, or warts), and the other conditions (burns, ashes, or sores)

• Digestive system issues (ulcers, colitis, or irritable bowel syndrome)

• Too much pressure can cause serious problems like tissue tears, fractures (as discussed above), and hard bruising

• Unless your idea of relaxation involves sitting through one hour of vicious tugging, pressing, and pulling.

• Blood clots: if you suffer from blood clots you must talk with your doctor before the session

• Cancer

• Pregnancy

• Kidney or liver conditions

• Uncontrolled hypertension and fever from cold

Three common side effects of massage therapy:

• Soreness: it’s called thixotropy your muscle is sore because they have been pulled, stretched, and manipulated and it’s a common side effect, your body should recover within a couple of days. Remember to take a warm bath/shower, and drink a lot of water to speed up recovery

• Drowsy & tired: it happened after the massage session but the drowsy feeling helps you sleep easier at night

• Hot red skin: some people get red like tomatoes

• Although massage has a low risk of harm it isn’t suitable for everyone, especially for older age, people have a hernia so it will increase the injury

The massage

The massage therapist may first warm up the muscles with light pressure, before massaging the targeted area with slow strokes and applying deep pressure with the hands, arms, or elbows. This works release contracted muscles. People may require to repeat the treatments to see improvements in areas of deep muscle tension or injury so you should do this:

• Asking healthcare provider for a recommendation or referral

• Make sure the massage therapist understood your health conditions

• Checking health insurance covers the type of massage treatment

• Find a suitable massage therapist for your requirements

• You should know the different types of massage because some of them aim to relieve muscle problems and injuries, such as sports while others aim to promote relaxation, such as reflexology, and pain relief from your body


Remember that, sometimes, a healing method can harm you. Be sure to talk about everything you feel while consulting the therapist.

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