July 11, 2019

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What do male pheromones do?

Most people are aware that hormones can cause a lot of changes to the human body. Well, there are also chemicals that are secreted by the human body and they act like hormones but on the outside of the body rather than internally. These are known as pheromones, and they are capable of affecting those that are around the person by way of a chemical signal.

One of the things that pheromones are used for is to boost sexual attraction. It is thought that all mammals, including humans, release pheromones into the environment. It is also thought that the release of the chemicals can have an impact on others of the same species. In terms of sexual attraction, male pheromones are thought to have a positive impact on how you are perceived and received by the opposite sex.

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How Do they Work?

So, how do these pheromones work? Well, researchers have been looking into this for many years with some claiming that they act like some sort of attraction chemical. Pheromones are basically used by all types of mammals as a means of communicating through the use of a chemical signal. In terms of attracting the opposite sex, there are actually many factors that come into play and many researchers believe that pheromones are one of these factors.

Scent is known to be one of the factors that plays a part in attraction. For instance, when you can smell a fresh, attractive scent on someone, you are more likely to be attracted to them. However, pheromones are not an obvious scent as such, which makes it more difficult to determine how effective they are and exactly how they are picked up by members of the opposite sex. This has led to difficulties in terms of being able to measure the influence of pheromones on sexual attraction.

The key thing to remember about pheromones is that they work outside the body rather than inside like hormones. This means that those influenced by pheromones are not those secreting them but other people who are in contact with the secretor. It is also worth noting that pheromones are thought to be able to affect and influence many behaviors and thoughts in others, one of which is sexual arousal and attraction.

Given that pheromones are thought to have an impact on attracting members of the opposite sex, it comes as no surprise that many men are keen to boost their pheromone release. In theory, this could mean far greater success when it comes to attracting women. There are different types of pheromones, and the type that is linked to sexual attraction is known as releaser pheromones. These are also the ones that result in a quicker response.

While there is still a lot more research required into the effectiveness of pheromones on sexual attraction, many men do try to boost their pheromone levels using either natural means or even through wearing fragrance that contain androstadienone, which attempts to mimic the natural pheromones that are released by the body.