The harmonic lines of the round frame are combined with the dimensions of a rectangle model in oval-shaped glasses. The rounder form balances sharp facial characteristics and is an attractive shape for extended features. Almost everyone may wear oval spectacles. Because of the round aspect of its overall condition, this style complements square and triangular facial shapes beautifully. The oval frames’ gentle contours assist in balancing out solid facial characteristics and slanted cheekbones.

An oval face shape is a perfect form because of its dimensions, including a narrow hairline, cheekbones, and a small chin. If you have an oval face, pick frames that are the same width or slightly broader than the broadest area of your face shape. The three face shapes that best suits oval glasses are square, round, and heart-shaped faces. These three shapes are described below:

1. Square Face Shape

Square faces are typically distinctive and geometric since the head, cheekbones, and jawline are equally significant, and the jawline is very prominent. Oval or round spectacles look fantastic on people with this face type since they soften the sharp features. On an acute face, oval glasses versions are attractive. On the other extreme, Square glasses highlight angular cheekbones and are hence not advised if you are trying for a more rugged look.

Round and oval-shaped eyeglasses will complement a square-shaped face by softening the harsh lines. They’re also flattering on diamond-shaped features. Shift the focus off from the perspectives: The easiest method to make a square face look more appealing is to use colorful borders to detract attention from the square shape.

2. Round Face Shape

All of the elements on a round face are equally formed. The cheekbones and eyebrows are of similar breadth, the jawline is rounded, and the head has a delicate appearance. Rectangular eyeglasses forms provide structure to round features, extend them visually, and make them appear smaller. Attractive, but not too slim, frames are ideal.

The oval face is somewhat longer than it is broad. It’s simple to locate the right set of glasses for someone with this face shape. They may wear whatever style they choose, whether it’s rounder, geometric, or striking. Oval glasses for a round face may complement nearly any type, although they look great with square and rectangular frames. People with round features have evenly proportional characteristics, which gives them the most luck with their fashion choices. They are free to explore and be as daring as they wish.

3. Heart-shaped Face

The heart-shaped face is characterized by a broad brow, prominent cheekbones, and a thin, sloping chin. On this facial shape, almost any eyewear looks nice. Angled spectacles forms that are broader at the top give the face a little of a curve. Round and oval glasses, in particular, flatten and equalize heart-shaped features aesthetically. Gentler outlines and a more cohesive look are achieved with delicate framing. Bold colors and broad frames are counterproductive since they emphasize the heart form.

However, the heart shape, often known as a V-shaped profile, has been medically shown to be the least aesthetically appealing facial structure to have and complementing heart-shaped features the best. Features with a heart shape, such as those of Hollywood actor Reese Witherspoon, are seen to be ‘mathematically beautiful.’

Heart-shaped features benefit from oval glasses since they reduce and level out any corners. Unlike round spectacles, they don’t draw attention to your cheeks. For a quintessential and undervalued look, opt for oval glasses, or add a splash of color. You have a heart-shaped head if your jawbone gets to the point.


Before you purchase, there’s something Lensmart online glasses store would like to share. Yet, Lensmart have a vast selection of eyeglasses for oval faces. There is one crucial point to remember: don’t buy your frames too wide! Because of their equally spaced facial characteristics, oval faces look good with spectacles, but a pair of large frames might toss that equilibrium out the window. Make careful to choose the appropriate size for your pupillary length and temple height. Check out our sizing guide for additional information on how to determine your frame size. The best benefit of oval glasses is that they can complement any face shape.