What hair extensions are and why they are great

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Many things embody womanhood and femininity. They include the curves, the dress, and the walk. Another distinction that has remained consistent among several cultures throughout time is hair. Among the body parts that people adore in a woman’s body is hair. It can make or break a woman’s day. When it comes to length, preferences vary. Some women like their hair short, like a pixie cut or a bob cut. Some like them long and flowing like Rapunzel’s. Besides the countless hair products, women who love hair have another weapon in their arsenal. Seamless clip-in extensions, tape-in extensions, and many more are perfect for adding more locks to their head. Besides the aesthetics, extensions also have functional purposes.

What are Extensions?

As the name suggests, hair extensions are extra locks of hair that you attach to your head. There are several types, styles, colors, etc. Some are short and are perfect for those with short hair but want more volume. Some are luscious and long. Many have distinct curls, textures, colors, thickness, etc. for people of different ethnic backgrounds.

Hair extensions can be synthetic or natural. You may be thinking, “Natural? You mean from real human hair?” Yes. People can donate or even sell their hair as raw materials for natural extensions. Some companies collect hair from salons and barbershops.


Hair extensions also differ in how you attach them to your head. Tape-ins attach to sections of your natural hair using double-sided tape or glue with heat. A downside with tape-in extensions is you cannot remove them for up to eight weeks. Some people even find that the adhesives and heating damage their hair. Sew-in extensions or weaves attach by sewing them into braids.  Fusion extensions, as the name implies, fuse to sections of your own hair by creating a keratin bond using heat. Fusion extensions can take up to 4 hours to apply.

Clip-in extensions are probably the most common. These extensions have clips that attach to your hair, so you do not need annoying adhesives. Since you do not need adhesives, heat, sewing, or other methods to attach clip-ins, many people find them convenient. You can put them on before you go out, and take them off when you get home. You also do not need someone else to apply clip-ins for you. There are still some cons, though. Not only can the clips be visible, but they can also feel heavy. Seamless clip-in extensions solve this problem by having thinner and lighter clips. They blend better with your natural hair, hence the name “seamless.”

Wearing Extensions

People wear extensions for instant extra hair. You may have had a haircut recently. Suddenly your girls invited you for a night out. You have the perfect outfit, but you know it would look better with long luscious hair. Here come extensions to save the night.  Your extensions do not have to be a perfect match to your natural hair, but they should at least blend. Seamless clip-in extensions are perfect for wearing under your natural hair. By doing so, you can go for a slightly darker color. You can even bring them to the salon if you want to alter their color. If you want curly hair but cannot curl yours at the moment, do so with your extensions. Only your creativity limits how you can rock your extensions.

Whatever hair type you may have, if you are the kind of lady who adores her hair, then there is room for extensions in your wardrobe.  You can have more options and confidence with your locks with the ideal extensions.

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