Do you hear wedding bells?

They’d better be ringing loudly! Choosing a wedding ring can be a nightmare, especially when we only have a limited amount of time to prepare for the wedding or proposal. When it comes to ring choices, your mantras should be beauty, budget, and buoyancy.

Make sure to get a ring that reminds you of something memorable about your relationship to add buoyancy to the love in your married life while staying within your budget. It’s as inventive as it gets! But first, let’s clear our headspace and delve into the fundamentals of the proof of love we all wear on our left hands’ ring fingers.

The History of Wedding Rings – A Band for the Vein of love

When Alexander the Great subjugated Egypt – the Greeks inherited Egyptian custom of offering a ring to their beloved as- a symbol of loyalty. Eros or Cupid, the deity of love, was represented by many of these rings. When the Romans defeated Greece, they followed this custom and commenced using iron and copper rings in wedding ceremonies, a tendency that quickly spread throughout numerous communities.

The ring finger, or fourth finger of the left hand, was believed to represent a “Vena Amoris,” or “Vein of Love,” that traveled directly to the heart by ancient Egyptians. This notion was followed by the Romans, who wore wedding rings on their ring fingers. The custom of wearing rings on the ring finger is still practiced today. Many other ceremonies were added to marriages, but the ring exchange became the most important.

Wedding rings began to be studded with valuable diamonds as early as the middle Ages. Rubies were supposed to represent passion, sapphires were used to represent the heavens, and diamonds were used to represent unshakable fortitude by medieval Europeans. When we look at numerous Asian continents, we can see that astrologically significant stones were used in nations like India, where marriage is still seen as a momentous occasion lasting several ceremonies.

Popular Wedding Ring Materials

There are many different types of popular wedding ring materials to choose from, with platinum bands and diamonds being the most popular. Wedding ring metals can also differ dramatically in appearance, with some having a warm look that complements particular skin tones and others offering a cooler style that complements a wider range of skin tones, making them a trend that is evolving in design.

Besides that, it is the pricing component that either limits or enthuses people when selecting a popular design. Some metals are more expensive than others, so if you have a limited budget for your wedding bands, you may want to choose metals that offer greater value for money. However, with the advancement of precious stones and their alternatives, a spectacular ring can be found for any budget.

The most popular stones have been sapphires of various colors, rubies, diamonds of various kinds, pearls, opals, and so on. It is fantastic to have magnificent and treasured stones become an essential standard for a wedding ring. It is completely unbelievable – how a stone such as moissanite becomes a popular wedding ring material. All precious stones are now considered valuable ring material.

Popular Wedding Ring Types

Diamond solitaire rings are the most popular in current times, followed by bezel settings, pave settings, three stone rings, and halo rings. Many cuts and patterns have become popular, including eternity rings with no rising stone and only equal-sized stones surrounding the finger.

In terms of the 4 Cs —


Vintage Rings and Minimalist Rings, as well as the ones mentioned above, have topped the charts this year. It’s time for the highest-quality, ethereal rings to establish themselves in the wedding industry. They must be timeless and also casual to wear.

Because everyone loves diamonds, the Asscher, cushion, heart, emerald, marquise, princess, pear, oval, radiant, and round shapes have become the most popular diamond cuts. It’s necessary to look for the ones that are ideal for you!

Wedding Rings in News – sustainable ring for sustained love

As many people chose an intimate wedding during the pandemic, it was reported in the news that many couples used platinum rings instead of gold and used valuable stones instead of the traditional diamond. Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge, who both wore a prominent blue Sapphire as their wedding ring, added to the magnificence. The revolution is here, and we’re here to join it.

Sustainable rings have also sparked a new trend, especially as people become more environmentally conscious. Many celebrities have chosen to wear rings that encourage sustainability or have repurposed their old engagement rings to improve the design. Sustainable jewelry isn’t quite as expensive as high-end rings, but it does give the same glitz in high-quality recycled metals and shapes. Lab-Grown Diamonds is also a great example of the same.