Shipping containers travel the world carrying goods safely. Sometimes, once their time is done, they get turned into other things. Yes, like a house you can live in… But there are many other creative ways to turn a shipping container into something completely different. Sometimes, they are even fabricated to serve these various functions. Let’s look at some of the most interesting ways they have been transformed around the world.

Prefabricated Buildings

You may not know that but some companies specialize in the manufacturing of containers, used as prefabricated buildings, which serve as offices, work camps, lodging of a construction site and communal buildings. They can even be turned into canteens, toilet blocks, and sentry stations!

In fact, there are a lot of good reasons to choose a prefabricated building made from a container. First of all, the turn-around time is really fast (between 4 to 6 weeks). It is easy to transport and to assemble once on site and really inexpensive in comparison to other types of prefabricated buildings. You can learn more about container uses and their qualities on this website.

Some of the Wildest Ways Shipping Containers Have Been Used


Do you want a pool that requires no digging, no planning permission and easy to put-up? A shipping container can do the job. Some companies in England have specialized in 20ft and 40ft container swimming pools. They are brought to your home and dropped in your backyard. They come with Aquaflex-lined pools with filters, heat pumps, underwater lights and ladders, all standard!


Once you picture it in your head, it’s actually quite easy to imagine what a bridge made out of containers would look like. You just have to place them end to end, et voilà! Somebody decided to turn the vision into reality in Israel, where the firm Messer-Architects built such a bridge in Ariel Sharon Park. The e-container bridge turned out to be quite colorful and everybody raved about its ecological value thanks to the recycling of old shipping containers.


Have you heard about the “Growtainer”? They are recycled shipping containers turned into indoor farms and greenhouses. The brand (Growtainer has been trademarked) claims that it is the portable production facility of the future. It can be used to produce many kinds of vegetables and fruits from lettuce to strawberries.

These are but a few of the uses that people all over the world have found to transform shipping containers into other things. Given the opportunity, what would you create?