Morocco is one of several cultures throughout the world who practice Islam and celebrate festivals to honour their faith. Following the Islamic calendar, there are various religious events that occur yearly. If you buy a home for sale in Morocco or land for sale in Marrakech, you will undoubtedly come upon one of these fascinating vacations.

As the month of April approaches, it is vital to recognize a frequently celebrated holiday. This year, Ramadan will last from April to May, as the date is subject to change owing to changes in the lunar calendar. If you are in Morocco during this time, we have all the details on what Ramadan is and why it is so important to Muslims. marrakech desert tour 3 days.

During the month of April, vacationing in a luxury villa in Marrakech may be the ideal location for truly immersing oneself in the Islamic religion. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, commemorating the holiest days of the year. This month commemorates the revelation of the Quran to Prophet Muhammad. The Quran is the main religious text of Islam and is held in high regard by the community.

A crucial factor that you will face as a tourist or long-term visitor at a villa in Marrakech is the practice of fasting throughout the holy month. This includes all food and drink from morning to sunset for the whole month of Ramadan. Fasting is a specific religious practice during Ramadan because it is one of Islam’s five pillars. The goal is to remind the Muslim community to be grateful for their blessings in life. Furthermore, it is a concept of giving thanks for the good fortune they have as a society in comparison to those who suffer from poverty and hunger.

Although it is not mandatory for young children, the elderly, or pregnant women, it is required for all adults. As a result, if you plan on visiting Morocco around this season, it is vital to recognize that you will not be eating out much. It is advised to eat in private rather than in public during Ramadan, as eating in public is unlawful for Moroccan citizens who are not exempt from fasting. As a result, tourists and visitors would be fine eating in a Marrakech home.

Suhur is a meal eaten by Muslims before sunrise, and iftar is eaten after sunset. Iftar is typically consumed in mosques or in family and community settings. These two meals are essential since they are the only two meals consumed during the holy month. In addition, as a tourist, you should be aware that alcohol is not sold beginning 10 days before the holy month and continuing throughout.

As a guest in Morocco, you should plan ahead of time for Ramadan celebrations because it is necessary to observe the holiday’s customs. It is equally vital for a non-resident to observe these holy practices because this month is particularly precious for the Muslim community and prayer is essential. We advocate dressing more modestly to respect the holiday’s customs while also respecting the continuous prayer hours that may occur. 3 Days Tour from Fes.

Muslims spend much of their time praying, spiritualizing, and reading the Quran. Because they use this time to ponder, it is a wonderful method to not only commemorate the holy month with grace but also to learn about it firsthand. Everyone is invited to fast and rejoice during this period, as it is not limited to Muslims.

It is always vital to be careful of these holy months whether staying in a villa for sale in Morocco or one of our Marrakech villas. Although Ramadan is the most well-known, there is no harm in exploring other celebrations that you may encounter throughout your visit. If you have any questions about the religious dates, please email an expert at! If you are seeking for a villa for sale in Morocco to spend Ramadan in April, visit