April 30, 2020

Emily Roberts

What is the best laptop for kids and families? 7 great options

By the age of three years, most children nowadays are already active media users. Kids this age not only manage to navigate their way around electronic gadgets but also develop a possessive attachment towards these devices. Over time, research has underscored both the positive and adverse effects of early exposure to computers.

Your child can derive a wide range of benefits from early exposure to computers. Laptops, in particular, are highly child friendly and easily customizable. Are you considering investing in a laptop for your family? 

Most people wonder about the available options when it comes to the best laptop for kids. Read on to find out seven of the best options you can consider.  

1. HP Chromebook 15 (2019)

When considering a laptop for your kids, there’re specifications you may need to consider. Your kids need an entertainment system, not necessarily a PC. As such, you may need to consider more than just functionality when choosing a laptop. 

HP Chromebook 15(2019) has everything you may need in a child-friendly laptop. The PC has a sleek, solid metal chassis, which makes it secure. HP Chromebook’s big bright display screen can be a perfect option for kid-friendly movies and videos.  

Further, this HP model has a roomy, responsive, and easy to navigate keypad. This makes it easy for younger users to touch and circumnavigate the various applications. The more-than-adequate audio and long battery life also makes this option a favorite for most users. 

2. Acer Chromebook 514

The Acer Chromebook 514 is reasonably priced and, therefore, a favorite for home use. With this PC, you’ll get to enjoy lasting battery life, which makes the option highly favorable for movies and music. One of the unique features in this alternative is the touch display, which makes navigation easy. 

The laptop has an Intel Pentium processor, which improves functionality. With such powerful specs, your family can enjoy computer games and other applications due to the high processing capacity in the PC. 

The fact that the Acer Chromebook 514 is all metal makes this laptop the best laptop for kids. With an all-aluminum covering, you don’t have to worry about falls or unprecedented impact.  A notable downside to this PC is the inherence of the Ho-hum speakers, which affects sound quality. 

3. Google Pixel Book

Laptops are a great option when it comes to achieving educational goals for your kids. Do your kids need a reliable laptop to keep up with their homework? Then the Google Pixel Book is the solution. 

This laptop has a lightweight design, which makes it portable and addresses the concerns related to handling. Google Pixel Book has the 7th Generation Intel Core Processor that is fast and reliable. This means that your teenage kids have the luxury of high-speed gaming experience and uninterrupted browsing. 

This means that your family can efficiently multitask with this laptop. Your kids can move from Netflix and back to homework without worrying about functionality. Users can now enjoy higher levels of entertainment while keeping track of their homework.

4. Apple MacBook Is the Best Laptop for Kids

Apple MacBook continues to make cutting-edge innovations as a leading personal computer developer. The Apple MacBook is among the best laptop computers for kids in the market currently. While Apple MacBook is quite pricey, its exceptional specs make it a favorite for younger users.

 Apple MacBook is one of the most reliable PCs you could ever consider in the market. This PC has a powerful iOS system, which makes the laptop’s functionality a cut above the rest. Apple MacBook has a powerful battery, which makes gaming and other media operations efficient.

With the Apple MacBook, your kids can enjoy more storage memory, which is critical in the age of digital photography. Most Apple laptops have clear screens that are pleasing to the eye. Movies and other videos will henceforth be a highly anticipated moment for the entire family. 

The only common problem with most Macs is the tendency to slow down functionality over time. This issue is often associated with MacOS. However, you can force quit on your Apple MacBook each time you encounter this concern. 

5. Dell Inspiron 

Dell Inspiron is built to last. Nothing is more critical when settling for the best laptop for your kids than settling for longevity. A device that will be in the hands of your children often requires a greater focus on the hardware.  The Dell Inspiron laptop is durable enough to withstand the underlying safety concerns that may suffice when in the hands of children.

With this device, concerns such as heat conditions are no longer an issue. How about a 1TB hard drive to store countless movies and other media files? Well, with the Dell Inspiron, storage is no longer a concern for your entire family. This laptop is also mistake-proof, which makes it the best option for kids.

Dell Inspiron Chromebook is also cost-friendly. You may, therefore, have the option of buying more than one if you have a bigger family. Dell laptops for kids also have high-performance rates with an 8G baseline. 

6. Lenovo IdeaPad 

The Lenovo IdeaPad has all the perfect features for your school going kids. Apart from being a powerhouse, the Lenovo IdeaPad can run multiple software without slowing down. Lenovo IdeaPad is a perfect match for students due to the mid-range convertibility.

The Lenovo IdeaPad A12, Flex 6 and A6, are affordable and highly flexible due to combo tablet design. Your kids, especially those in school, will get to enjoy the user-friendliness in the in-build features. With a 4GB memory, this is the best laptop for kids. 

7. ASUS Chromebook 

If you’re looking for a laptop to fit your school-going teenager’s needs, then the ASUS Chromebook is your answer. This machine has a resilient keyboard. With the ASUS Chromebook, your kids also have the luxury of extended battery life. 

If you’re looking for a laptop that has Google storage extension, then the ASUS Chromebook is your answer. This machine offers more space and efficiency when completing various assignments and research projects. 

Are Your Kids Ready for the Technological Revolution?

Now that the world is scurrying towards tech, it’s essential to help your kids integrate into the new world order.  However, you need to choose the best laptop for kids to ensure that the process of integration is seamless. Your kids will also achieve more academically as they remain entertained with a high-performance laptop.

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