The perfect kitchen is one with a functional layout and also motivates you as you prepare your family’s meals. As such, it is best to make the space as inviting and practical as possible. Here are some of the things that make a great kitchen.

A functional layout

The kitchen layout matters a lot. Otherwise, you will find yourself roaming back and forth, bumping into things you shouldn’t be bumping into. It is necessary for a smooth workflow in the kitchen. Whenever you are looking at various home designs, it is vital to consider the kitchen and how it is laid out. Keep in mind the three main tasks in the kitchen; cleaning, prepping food, and cooking.

Many savvy kitchen designers always adhere to the kitchen triangle theory when designing the layout. That ensures you can move from one area to another without losing connection or feeling crowded. Place the dishwasher and sink near each other for easy cleaning. Ensure cutlery and chopping boards are centered around your prep zone, then the stove, oven, microwave, cooking pans, and baking dishes are close to each other.

Appropriate lighting

Your benchtop should be well lit to ensure you can see whatever you are doing when prepping your meals. Some pretty pendants are decorative when installed over the benchtop, but they may not be bright enough to make your work surface practical. The best way to install appropriate lighting is to mix different lighting fixtures for more functionality. Fix downlights in the ceiling for general lighting, pendants for the atmosphere, and concealed led lights over your prep zones.

A well-organized pantry

Whether it is limited space or a couple of cabinets, organizing your pantry makes it easy for you to prepare meals. It also means that you will notice what supplies you are running out on quickly. If you are creating or designing a pantry from scratch, be sure to incorporate both open and closed storage for functionality.

Air-tight canisters come in handy for storing food and cereals on open shelves. Note that square canisters utilize the space better than round ones, especially if you have limited space. Shelf inserts and turntables are also valuable for squeezing in more storage into a compact pantry.

When organizing the food items, but canned foods together, baking products together, kids snack on one end, and so forth. Place them in the order of how frequently you use them- the most commonly used where it is easy to reach and integrate proper lighting always to see whatever you are picking.

A pull out bin

A pull-out bin integrated into your island is convenient. Plus, you can choose from various pull-out bins with multiple compartments that make it easy to separate food waste from recyclable waste. It also comes with a push-to-open functionality which makes things easier when working in the kitchen and your hands are full.

Enough space around the island

Whenever you are prepping meals in your kitchen, chances are there will be someone moving around to pick something in the fridge. Ensure there is enough space around your kitchen island so that no one gets in your way when you are busy prepping meals at the island bench.

Essential extras

Ensure you incorporate drawer organizers to make it easy to organize your cutlery. Install enough power points in all the rights pots for your benchtop appliances. The primary thing is to ensure your kitchen is as functional as it can be.