The wait is over. The next evolution of electric bikes is finally here.

The team here at Himiway has been hard at work putting the final touches on our brand-new e-bikes and we will be previewing them here today. Each detail has been designed, manufactured, and tested to the highest quality standards. We’ve taken advantage of the explosion of electric power thanks to the automobile electric vehicle (EV) industry. This new technology has opened the door for more efficient and powerful performance, increased comfort, and maximum versatility of our e-bikes.

While these e-bikes will offer exciting new features, we have stayed true to our original mission to provide green transportation e-bike technology for riders of all backgrounds. This year’s product launch continues that mission. With that said, we are pleased to showcase four distinct new electric bike models:

First up, our premium all-terrain e-bike, the Himiway Zebra and the Himiway Zebra Step-thru. Not only are zebras fast, often hitting speeds of 40mph or more, but they can outrun any predator thanks to their incredible stamina. This makes the zebra the perfect inspiration for our longest-range e-bike yet. Go the distance with the Himiway Zebra and Zebra Step-thru.

Our second innovative new design is the best electric cargo bike you can get. The Himiway Big Dog is the new hardest-working e-bike around. Known for their helpful and loyal qualities, canines have been man’s best friend for ages. Hunting, herding, and protecting have been the best jobs for dogs since they were first domesticated from wild animals to breeding the ultimate utility companion. The Himiway Big Dog is no exception to this rule. With ample storage possibilities and a long-life expectancy, you’ll be able to carry more items, supplies, and tools with this e-bike than ever before.

Our final new e-bike design gets its name from one of the toughest and most agile creatures in the animal kingdom. The Himiway Cobra is our newest pure electric mountain bike. Tackle extreme challenges and any terrain you can find with our best mountain e-bike yet. The cobra was a natural fit for this exciting new e-bike model. Be prepared to strike whenever the opportunity for adventure calls.

Now that you know the names of our latest long-range e-bike models, let’s take a closer look. Full details will be provided in a follow-up article, but this overview will help you understand what to expect from these four innovative styles.

The Himiway Zebra and Himiway Zebra Step-thru

Himiway’s expertise in making long-range e-bikes meant that we wanted to do something special with the battery power of our new lineup. We set out to get the longest range possible while still offering an affordable price point. The Himiway Zebra is just that. It uses our new high-tech battery to provide up to 80+ miles on a single charge. This groundbreaking distance is achieved through the new battery combined with an updated gear hub motor. The benefit of the new motor is better heat resistance and dissipation which means a longer life expectancy inside an affordable e-bike package.

We’ve also upgraded the hydraulic disc brakes and the aluminum frame. And for riders with a limited range of motion or flexibility, the Zebra comes in both high bar and step-thru options. Speaking of options, our forks have been widened to allow for fat tire size customization for anyone looking for a wider tire. With better brakes and a new frame design, the long-range Himiway Zebra will delight riders looking for a great all-around e-bike.

The Himiway Big Dog

E-bikes are used for a wide range of activities thanks to their ability to do the hard work for you. Whether you are riding with just battery power or using our intelligent pedal-assist, the Himiway Big Dog will help you handle just about any activity with ease. Grocery shopping, hunting and fishing, afternoon picnics, delivering food, attending farmer’s markets, downtown shopping, and commuting to work all just became more convenient thanks to this new cargo e-bike.

The Himiway Big Dog will also utilize our new extended range battery tech, in addition to the upgraded motor, brakes, and frame. The rear rack (included with every e-bike Himiway offers), optional front basket, and various bike bags and accessories can all be affixed to the new frame to allow for maximum utility. Himiway Research and Development (R&D) team has also added a new front headlight with 20% brighter light to keep you safe and visible when you are riding early in the morning or late at night. This new model is the perfect companion for any daily task, especially those tasks that required a car in the past. You can now save money and the environment with a lower carbon impact e-bike like the Himiway Big Dog.

The Himiway Cobra

We’ve saved our most extreme release for last. Tackling steep trails, rugged terrain, and dynamic environments will be a breeze with the Himiway Cobra. It’s got the upgraded battery with a longer range. It’s got the improved hydraulic disc brakes for maximum stopping control. It’s even got the new high-quality frame for a comfortable ride and lightweight movement. But it also has our new Mid-drive Motor, Four-Bar Linkage Suspensions and Coil system, and the biggest puncture-resistant fat tires we offer as an optional upgrade.

These features mean a quicker start, improved acceleration, better stopping capability, and stronger overall performance than the competition. Thanks to Himiway R&D, the Cobra is the first e-bike with this Four-Bar Linkage Suspension technology in the U.S. market. This specialized Four-Bar linkage and Softail design are built to absorb both rear-upward force and vibrations while the coil suspension ensures front stability. Both suspensions work together to guarantee your safety in the toughest riding conditions.

We are so excited to share the specific technical specs and details of these four new long-range electric bikes with you very soon. Stay tuned for more launch announcements to learn more about our latest lineup, when you can get your hands on one of these fresh designs, and all the technical information you need so that you can decide which Himiway e-bike is right for you.