When looking for your next Laguna Beach vacation rental, consider independently managed properties managed by the owners, not big resorts or timeshares. This gives you so much more freedom to explore your surroundings and get to know the area. Don’t stay in a hotel; stay in one of these adorable rental homes, condos, bungalows, or villas available to rent by the owner. Rent at your own pace and be comfortable in a home away from home with amenities such as full kitchens, TVs, Wifi, washer/dryers, and more! These properties offer an affordable and economical vacation experience.

Look for a pet-friendly property to make life easier for you and your furry friend.

Pet friendly doesn’t mean disaster! It’s best to clarify with your landlord if you plan to bring your dog(s) or cat(s) along for the trip. There is a pet fee and additional deposit, so be sure you have it in the budget.

In general, pet fees are $75/day up to 7 days and an additional deposit of 1/2 a rent amount. Also, keep in mind that some places require a minimum stay for pets.


The best vacation rentals will also include plenty of extras to make your stay even better. You can expect beach towels, chairs, and umbrellas if you plan on spending lots of time outside in the sun.

You might also want to bring some board games or cards for when it’s raining or too cold outside; you never know what mother nature will bring to the table.

You can also expect to include bikes if you feel like exploring the area, available parking in case public transportation isn’t available where you’re staying, and even kayaks or paddleboards for an extra fee that can be paid directly through the rental service.

Other extras include clean tasting tap water, which many people don’t think about when renting. Make sure your vacation rental has a reverse osmosis system installed. The water quality is typically amazing because of this. This way, you do not need to buy or rent bottled water. You can turn on the tap for delicious, crisp-tasting water.

Location, location, location

One of the most significant considerations when renting a house through an online service is the location. You want to be sure it’s close to all the activities you wish to participate in and has quick access to any nearby businesses or restaurants that will help you save money and time on your trip.

Of course, location also matters when you’re looking for a rental property. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with no amenities nearby or have your view obstructed by anything that might take away from your trip.

You should also consider how far it is from the beach if you’re spending a lot of time there. You’ll want to be able to walk or maybe even a short drive away from your house for those early mornings and late nights.

Vacation rentals available through airbnb.com and VRBO.com are usually equipped with laundry facilities. If you’re going on a trip with children, this is a great location to stay since it’s near the washer and dryer if you need to do laundry.

Look for a property that has free parking/wifi to make life easier for you. Parking can be an expensive hassle in downtown Laguna Beach if you don’t have suitable accommodations. The properties offered through airbnb.com and VRBO.com typically include free parking (which is often difficult to find in downtown Laguna Beach), wifi, beach cruisers, board games, etc.

Also, always check to see what kind of internet connection is available with your rental. The worst thing you want to happen is to get charged for going over your data plan on your phone. Charging stations, music streaming, and video chatting are all things you’ll want to consider before selecting your rental home.

In conclusion, look for a vacation rental with the amenities, location, and extras you need to have a great trip. If you’re traveling with children or pets, ensure that your potential options are kid/pet-friendly beforehand if possible.