Many Ghanaians have moved to the U.S., Australia, the UK, or New Zealand seeking adventure, for personal reasons or for employment. However, over the last decade, more Ghanaians have returned to their motherland than ever before in history. The motivation could be to return to family, to start a business or simply to return to the land they love, but the trend is undeniable. Of course, moving from one country to another is a big decision with lots of pros and cons.

If you are considering moving back to Ghana but have not yet made up your mind, this article outlines what you need to know before making the move.

Life is much slower in Ghana

Depending on your lifestyle, Ghana may or may not be a good fit for you. If you are hoping to slow things down and get out of the rat race, Ghana is ideal. Time is a very flexible concept and people tend to live at their own pace. This can be frustrating for some people, especially when it comes to dealing with businesses and government applications, but if you learn to let go, you should find life a much more relaxing experience.

Property can be expensive

Property can be costly as you will find you get a lot less for your money. What you might consider a standard home is a luxury in Ghana, so you need to prepare to downsize if you expect to have the same outgoings. To find a property within your price range, get in touch with the Ghana Property Centre.

The cost of living is not cheap

Because a lot of the everyday products you take for granted in the Western world need to be shipped in, the cost of living in Ghana can be expensive. However, you can combat this by eating local produce, wearing handmade clothes, using coconut oil-based products, and supporting local independent businesses. In addition, labor is cheap, so you may be able to afford to hire people to do your gardening and home maintenance which could improve your quality of life.

Ghana is developing every year

There is no denying that Ghana is a developing country, but it is a relatively peaceful and stable society with a strengthening economy, democratic political system, beautiful weather and thriving cities. Every year the cities and towns are developing in terms of infrastructure and amenities, but healthcare and public transport are still patchy.

Driving can be challenging

Driving in Ghana can be a challenge when you have been driving in a country with road signs and mostly obedient and experienced drivers. In Ghana, high speeds, pedestrians, wild animals, and erratic drivers are everywhere, so be ready to have eyes in the back (and side) of your head.

Accra is a hub of activity and fun

Ghana is well known for its varied and beautiful landscape with beaches, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, caves, and rainforests, but the major cities are where you will find most of the population. Kumasi and Takoradi are great, but the capital city of Accra is where most of the action takes place in terms of night life, restaurants, culture, and art.