April 6, 2021

Scottsdale Living

Why did everyone buy dogs this year?

Dogs are the most adorable pets across the globe. People who raise dogs and love them a lot usually have a lot of emotional attachment with them. Many of them love Two Tails pet id tags. This also implies that such people have special emotional needs, and their dogs can help them with fulfilling such needs.

The co-evolution theory of dogs with humans states that wolves started sharing human habitations for their need for food, which they fulfilled with our ancestor’s leftover foods. Later, the primitive dogs helped our ancestors in hunting with the help of their keen sense of smell.

However, now we love our dogs and raise them for our fondness towards them. One surprising news is that many people have started owning dogs in 2020- the year of solitude. The reason is simple; due to the advent of a lockdown scenario due to the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus disease, individuals around the world bought or adopted pets, especially dogs. 

Here are some reasons why people bought dogs during the COVID-19 lockdown.

1. To have a good companion and an alternative source of entertainment

We, humans, need some amount of physical exercise to have a mind free of unwanted pile-ups; even playing in the backyard or lawn can help us feel relaxed. It can also be a good pastime. 

One of the biggest reasons why people like dogs is because they are good companions to spend your life with. Dogs, especially puppies, are very playful; they too have a lot of emotional needs like we humans do. Living with a dog under one roof can be a good way to pass through the boredom of lockdown.

Also, playing with pets is a better alternative to entertainment like watching TV, surfing the internet, or playing games on Xbox One.

2. People are better attached to pets than humans

People have different desires. Many of us have completely different preferences and political and religious inclinations. These things often turn into differences in opinions. Many people living under the same roofs, at times, have quarrelsome relationships.

Those who get into problematic relationships often start isolating themselves and avoiding other people, fearing the likelihood of similar problems occurring with them too.

Pets, especially interactive pets like dogs, help us with the emotional needs without the worry of a disturbed relationship. Hence, many people prefer raising dogs to befriend other humans.

3. To get rid of longing feeling for loved ones

Being locked-down in the home is not something most of us like, do we? We don’t have any control over something, and the measure has been implemented to stop spreading the deadly pandemic.

The lockdown has also barred overall transport throughout the world. People have been prohibited from long-distance travelling to avoid contact. Many people who are not able to contact their loved ones are emotionally deprived. Raising puppies is a way of making themselves rid of the feeling of longing for their loved ones.


These were some of the reasons why people have come to adopting or buying dogs this year, only wishing for a companion amidst the stressful times.