Although there are still a lot of people out there that have never heard of Pickleball, it is the fastest growing sport in the United States. Not only is it a good sport to play and watch, but there are plenty of mental and physical benefits to playing the sport on a regular basis too. 

Due to its rise in popularity, especially in Arizona, new courts are popping up all around the state. One of the most popular places to play in the Palm Creek Pickleball Club which has several courts. The game is a great way to encourage people to get off the couch and start getting involved in a sport that has so many benefits. Let’s take a closer look at why so many people living in Arizona are getting involved. 

Ideal for People of All Ages

Golf isn’t for everyone, but it seems to most seniors that golf is the only sport that they can play. Other sports that involve running are often too dangerous for a lot of seniors to play, so to avoid sustaining injuries, the majority of seniors hang up their boots. 

However, there has been plenty of research carried out that shows that seniors who partake in physical activity have a reduced risk of getting a chronic illness. Although most elderly people are aware of the importance of physical activity, many of them don’t get involved because they worry about falling and sustaining a serious injury. As people get older their bone density will naturally decrease and they will gradually lose strength. For these reasons, seniors must try to remain fit and healthy. 

Pickleball is a lot less intense than other racket sports like tennis or squash which makes it an ideal game for elderly people to give it a go. Although most seniors would have to be in good physical condition to play a game of singles, many of them can play a game of doubles instead. In doubles, players share their side of the court with a teammate so each player doesn’t have to move around the court as much. Plus, the court is half the size of a full sized tennis court. It is a fun and great way for people of all ages to stay physically fit. For more information about the sport, check out Melvin’s blog.

The Social Side to Pickleball

Pickleball is a fantastic way to socialize with others. Pickleball was invented on a summer holiday island in Seattle. The idea of the game was to provide entertainment for people living in and around the neighborhood. The foundations of the sport still remain the same. It still has that summer feel to it and during the warmer months of the year, and people get their barbecues fired up, it’s not surprising to see families playing pickleball. 

The atmosphere in most pickleball courts is friendly and warm. Although a lot of people take the sport extremely seriously, it is a game where competitors can share a laugh and get involved in some banter. Because the court is so small, competitors don’t run out of breath easily, making it a cozy endeavor. If you are looking to play sports and make new friends at the same time, it’s certainly worth giving Pickleball a try.

Pickleball can help you Lose Weight

If you are looking to improve your weight management, Pickleball might be right up your alley. Because the sport involves moderate exercise, it is an ideal game to play if you are looking to shed a few pounds. Not everyone likes going to the gym to help them lose weight. People often find it boring, which often leads to a lack of motivation. However, because most people find Pickleball so much fun to play, many people find themselves losing weight and enjoying themselves at the same time.

Pickleball can encourage people to remain active, even elderly folk. The sport is great for those who want to burn fat, even those suffering from obesity. A lot of people who are overweight worry about playing physical sports because they fear they might not be able to keep up with the other players, yet Pickleball is slightly different. Because it is in no way as aggressive as other popular games played on courts, it is a great opportunity, even for those who are overweight to exercise. 

You Don’t Need to Break the Bank to get Started

A new set of golf clubs can cost a mini fortune, and on top of that, you will have to pay a membership to the course you want to play and green fees on courses you are not a member of. Before you take out a loan to start hitting balls around a course, perhaps it is worth giving Pickleball a try first. 

Instead of spending two thousand dollars on a set of golf clubs, you can buy everything you need for less than three hundred dollars. This includes a good pair of tennis shoes and a top of the range Pickleball bat. Court fees depend on the court you are playing, however, most courts are fairly priced. You can expect to pay less than five bucks to play a game in the majority of courts in Arizona.

Pickleball can Motivate People

Whether you are playing the sport for fun or competitively, Pickleball can provide people with feelings of accomplishment. Whether you lose a game or win, it is such an exciting sport most people who partake in the game feel good during and after matches. It is not surprising why so many people out there are almost addicted to the game. Not only is it a fantastic physical exercise, but it makes people feel good about themselves.

A lot of clubs organize competitions throughout the year. Most competitions are separated into different age groups, and there are often several senior tournaments. This is a great chance for elderly people to play in a competition that they can win. Most tournaments out there seem to be aimed at younger people, however, because Pickleball is so popular among seniors, it’s no wonder there are so many tournaments specifically for them. Some senior players take the game very seriously, especially leading up to a competition. Some players train day in day out to give them an advantage when the tournament starts. A lot of senior citizens struggle to find motivation, so Pickleball can help. 


No matter what age you are, having fun and staying healthy are very important parts of life. Although Pickleball is slower than badminton and tennis, it is still a very exciting game. There will be times where players struggle to keep up with the pace of the sport. You can expect a lot of highs and lows when playing the game, and keep in mind, a game is not over until the final point. Come back situations are normal in a game of Pickleball, so don’t take your eye off the game for a second. Complacent players often feel like the game is done and dusted until their competition starts to score more points. These games are often the most exciting games to be involved in. Just like any other racket sport, a rally is the best part of the game. There is nothing more exciting when you have hit over thirty shots without making one mistake!