Bird droppings can create an unsightly mess and damage your property, while also posing health risks, especially when in close contact.

Professional animal trappers will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your home or business to locate entry points and devise an efficient plan for removal that may include trapping, netting or other humane methods.


Birds can be an enormous problem for homeowners and business owners. Their droppings not only damage property but can also pose health risks due to diseases they carry. Therefore, professional bird control services must be employed immediately in order to address this problem before it spirals out of control.

Trapping is an efficient and humane method of eliminating bird infestations. This involves placing traps strategically around areas where birds are likely to gather, such as rooftops or high buildings that are hard to protect with traditional measures, with trigger mechanisms designed to capture birds without harming or distressing them. Regular checks on this process should ensure it goes as intended, while non-essential staff and customers should remain away during this process to avoid alarm or panic from occurring.


Bird droppings can severely damage roof surfaces, gutters, window washing equipment, signage and fixtures – including roofing surfaces, gutters, vents and vent covers. Furthermore, bird droppings pose a health risk by spreading salmonella and other diseases among people who come in contact with them.

Commercial bird control services typically conduct a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of your problem, before taking steps to prevent birds from returning, such as sealing potential entry points with netting, spikes or gel repellents – methods which have proven very successful at keeping birds away.

Bird trapping and exclusion may be the only ways to eliminate nuisance birds depending on the severity of an infestation. Pigeons tend to be the main nuisance for businesses, though other species could potentially pose issues too. Tackle any bird issues promptly to avoid costly repairs, damage to property and reputation issues, as well as lost revenue streams.

Environmentally Friendly

No matter where you reside in Henrico, Glen Allen, Richmond, Midlothian Chesterfield Mechanicsville Hanover Ashland Louisa Powhatan Powhatan Fluvanna Albemarle or any of the other areas in Central Virginia; having birds nesting on your home or business can be both unsightly and dangerous to human health. Not only are bird droppings unsightly; cleaning them up may prove challenging while they can contain bacteria and parasites which could have an effect on health as well.

Birds can cause significant structural damage by building nests on or in buildings, and their droppings pollute air quality. Furthermore, their noise and mess create can be irritating to customers and clients of businesses that rely heavily on birds as a customer base.

Professional bird trapping services can help your property by eliminating birds from it and keeping them from returning. Once they’ve identified entry points, professional trappers will use trapping or netting to trap and remove birds while blocking access points; additionally they may install perch modification solutions such as spikes or coils to deter birds from landing in certain spots.


Birds can do significant damage to homes and businesses, particularly commercial settings. Their droppings and nests not only reduce aesthetics but also pose health and safety threats for building occupants. Furthermore, birds transmit over 60 different diseases which compromise air quality resulting in costly repairs and lost business opportunities.

Professional wildlife removal companies can quickly assess the extent of a problem, identify entry points and offer guaranteed services such as bird trapping or netting to quickly alleviate it. These methods do not harm or hurt birds and are much more effective than basic bird exclusion strategies that simply relocate your issue.

While anyone can buy and set their own trap, only experienced professionals have the expertise needed to manage it effectively and achieve maximum effectiveness. While some may experience sticker shock when realizing professional bird trapping services do cost more than DIY options due to extensive training requirements and attention to detail, others find professional trapping services preferable as it ensures maximum effectiveness and greater success rates.