September 3, 2021

Scottsdale Living

Why you should wear Aran and Merino wool this summer

When you pack your suitcase for your summer holidays, wool is probably not the first thing you reach for. But maybe it should be. Did you know that quality natural wools like Aran and Merino wool have many summer friendly qualities?

Aran and Merino wools are natural options used to make both traditional Irish sweaters and modern clothing accessories. When it comes to summer fashion, these wools offer everything from versatile jumpers to stylish dresses. They also make a great addition to any capsule wardrobe for fans of slow fashion. Here’s why we think you should wear Aran and Merino wool this summer.

It’s a more practical choice than any other fabric or clothing

The summer benefits that can be enjoyed from Aran and Merino wool garments are plentiful. First of all, Aran and Merino wools are natural insulators. This means that not only do they keep you warm, but they regulate your temperature to keep you cool too. The different weights or thicknesses of sweaters made from these wools means there are many options.

In the heat of summer, an unpleasant odor is the last thing you want to worry about. It’s also another good reason to choose Aran and Merino wool clothing. The antibacterial qualities of the wool mean that odor causing bacteria is unable to build up. Leaving you fresher, cooler, and worry free.

A little known fact about Aran and Merino wool is that it is also water resistant. Think about it, did you ever see a sheep who seemed bothered by the rain? This is because these natural wools contain lanolin, a waxy substance that is produced by woolly sheep. Lanolin has many benefits including being water resistant. Merino wool is also able to absorb moisture better than other fabrics. So, if you get splashed while paddling in the sea or spill a drink, you don’t have to worry. You won’t look or feel damp.

There’s something for the whole family

The practical qualities and versatility of Aran and Merino wools, make them an ideal choice for all the family. For the little ones, choose soft Aran ponchos, capes, and sweaters for summer protection. The Merino wool that’s used for these items offers natural UV protection for when they are out enjoying summer fun.

Aran sweaters in light colors, like the minty Sea Foam women’s Super Soft Luxury Cable Knit Aran are a brilliant addition to any wardrobe. While the Open Neck Merino Trellis Sweater is a lightweight option that will multitask for any summer look.

Men’s fashion also benefits from Aran and Merino wool. The versatility of Aran and Merino clothing makes them a stylish alternative to synthetic brands. Pair a Merino Wool Aran Men’s V-Neck Cardigan with shorts and deck shoes for time on the beach. Keep a Men’s Drawcord Collar Aran Sweater with you when you head to the water. Available in six colors, this sweater will protect you but also help you dry off after a swim.

It’s Good For The Environment

Aran and Merino wools are 100% natural which means that they are sustainable too. So much so that anything made from natural Aran and Merino wools can be composted. What better way to recycle a piece of clothing that popping onto the compost pile?

How to make sure you choose sustainable wool:

• Check the label to see what the garment is made from.

• Avoid anything that is made from acrylic, nylon, or polyester. These are all forms of plastic that are adding to the plastic particles harming the planet.

• Buy from a reputable source that you can trust.

It’s Long Lasting

Natural wool, like Aran and Merino, is robust and long lasting. Anything made from these wonder wools will last you a long time. Remember we said you could pop your sweater into the compost? That’s unlikely to be in your lifetime. That’s right, care for them properly, and your Aran and Merino favorites will outlast you.

For anyone transitioning to a Slow Fashion or Earth-friendly wardrobe, Aran and Merino are a number one choice. A good quality knitted item of any kind is also a staple for your capsule wardrobe.

It’s Very Easy To Care For

What we love best about Aran and Merino wools (other than the practical, stylish ad versatile elements) is that they are very easy to look after. Some people avoid wool for fear of shrinking it accidentally in the wash. If that’s you, then you will be relieved to hear that Aran and Merino garments rarely need to be washed. They even last longer if washed infrequently.

Whether you have a sweater, dress, blanket, or cardigan made from Aran or Merino, the care method is the same:

• Air your garment regularly to avoid odor building up.

• Spot treat stains immediately (still no need to wash).

• Lie your garment flat when airing to retain the shape.

• Avoid leaving your garment in the direct sunlight.

• Store carefully in a cardboard box or natural fiber bag.

• Store with dried lavender to deter wool loving moths.

• Never store in plastic.

If your wool garment does happen to get wet or washed, take care when drying it. To remove excess water, don’t twist and never tumble dry. Roll each part and carefully squeeze out the liquid. Another handy way to take out excess water is to place the wool garment on a dry towel and roll the two together. This gently squeezes out the water. Afterward, lie it flat on a clothes drier (or another dry towel) and avoid hanging it over heaters. To ensure that the garment retains its shape, gently pull each part into shape whilst damp.

If you don’t have an Aran and Merino wool garment in your wardrobe, then buy one today. They are one of the best fashion investments you can make. Not to mention versatile and practical. You’ll be the envy of all your friends.