While more businesses continue to shift their focus on supercharging their online presence, your brick-and-mortar store is still a critical part of your operations. Giving it some love can help create a great first impression, bring in more leads, relay information, promote brand recognition, and landmark the business, to name a few contributions. Custom neon signs win on many fronts when considering the best way to kick your efforts a notch higher. Neon signs continue to be a popular tool, a trend that animates the cities day and night. Besides in business settings, the custom signs are a great addition in homes, especially in bedrooms, as LED options are safe, cost-effective, and a creative solution that helps develop the right mood in a room, further emphasizing their effectiveness. The dramatic and multicolored glowing signage is a great investment for your business as well, delivering benefits including:

Better visibility

Standing out in the crown can be challenging. This is a concept custom neon signs help address. The luminous colors are eye-catching. You can easily create an eye-catching display that improves visibility with your unique designs. Our eyes are drawn to light and color, an aspect that the neon signs leverage to boost your visibility. Your presence in crowded streets won’t be easily missed, allowing your business to maintain a competitive edge.


Among the top reasons propelling neon signs is their highly-customizable nature. You can pick any shape, color, or size that aligns with your brand, making it easier to develop outstanding displays. Regardless of your business needs, you’ll easily develop custom neon signs that scream your name. Users can quickly tell your business apart in crowded streets, helping you drive more traffic to the store.


Marketing is an integral business function but is not always light on your budget. Custom neon signs are a go-to as you look for ways to lower marketing expenses. First, you won’t need extra light, as you would if you wanted to highlight a sign and make it the focal point. Then, even during nighttime, neon signs remain functional without additional requirements, saving more money.

The best part is their energy efficiency and longevity. The signs consume less energy, require little maintenance, and can serve you for years, especially after investing in quality solutions and professional installation. Such savings make the sign a business-wise investment as they boost your visibility without costing a fortune.


Neon signs are popularly known amongst consumers for advertisements. This means the users are always looking for the signs when they hunt for promotions or to know if a store is open, among other considerations. This gives your business a chance to capitalize on such conditioning. You can employ custom signs in almost any marketing strategy. Such versatility makes them the right fit for any business.

Custom neon signs have dominated the physical store’s arena for years, especially in busy cities. This trend doesn’t seem like it’ll slow down in the foreseeable future. Today, your quests to invest in versatile solutions no longer have to be daunting since you can easily access professional services online like Yellowpop. You can express your creativity and create unique signage from the comfort of your office, have them developed, and shipped to your doorstep. You no longer have an excuse not to tap into the many benefits custom neon signs deliver; it is only a few clicks away.