As individuals age and mature, incorporating daily physical activity into your routine is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Certain exercises and activities can become difficult due to decreased mobility and flexibility but with a regular exercise routine, older adults can help manage the aches and pains through low-impact movement. Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise for older adults. 

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Here are the class types and classroom features to look for if you are struggling with mobility, but still want all the benefits yoga has to offer. 

Yoga Nidra classes:

Yoga Nidra is a sleep-based meditation technique performed lying down and resting comfortably in savasana, corpse pose, with the support of pillows and blankets, taking you through pancha maya kosha – the five layers of self. Students are guided through breathwork, muscle tension and relaxation exercises, all which require minimal movement. For those who have difficulty lying down, you can ask if your studio offers zero-gravity chairs. 

Classes with cork flooring

Cork flooring is hypo-allergenic, gentler on the joints and reduces the risk of inflammation during yoga. The unique cellular structure allows the flooring to withstand compression and bounce back. After being subjected to weight or pressure, the cells become compressed, thus cushioning the impact on the body, and enabling clients to enjoy the benefit of their workout no matter the intensity level. This flooring is especially good for older individuals more susceptible to aches and inflammation after prolonged activity on hard, uncomfortable surfaces.

Sound healing classes: 

Sound healing classes benefit mental, physical and energetic health using instruments, tones and vibrations in an immersive deeply relaxing sound bath experience. Focusing on these vibrations and music encourages: 

  • deep breathing 
  • helps bring relaxation
  • releases stress, anxiety and tension 
  • aids in better sleep and pain relief 

At The Studio at Quasar Quantum Healing, we have a selection of instruments including a gong, Alchemy Crystal gemstone singing bowls and soothing chimes to create a calm healing experience. 

Classes with Himalayan salt walls

Himalayan salt walls provide many therapeutic benefits and can help calm and detoxify the body while also supporting your immune, nervous and lymphatic system. The salt walls also aid in stress reduction, promote better sleep and reduce inflammation. Free negative ions absorbed by the body are emitted from the walls and used to balance your positive to negative ion ratio, allowing for more blood flow and oxygen uptake. Himalayan Salt walls are also known to possess antibacterial and antifungal properties. Practicing yoga and meditation breathing in this “salty” air improves the ability to focus on allowing the body, mind and spirit to withdraw from the worries of the outside world. 

At Quasar Quantum Healing, we want to be a safe space for clients of all ages and incorporate all of the above class types and studio features to foster healing. Make sure to look for classes that are the best fit for you on your wellness journey. 

Author:Alana Samuels is yoga instructor and manager at Quasar Quantum Healing (QQH), which combines cutting-edge, non-invasive technology with yoga, meditation and nutritional guidance designed to detox the body at a cellular level and help achieve whole-body wellness. To learn more or book an appointment, visit