Do you dare join in the hunt for zombies in Chandler?

KOLI Equestrian Center is offering a Paintball Hunt for Zombies called The Hunt AZ Zombie Assault.

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Join in for a completely outdoor adventure on Gila River Indian Community located at KOLI Equestrian Center in Chandler.  There has been a viral outbreak in 2019. A rare virus was spreading across the country. This virus has been reawakening dead people into undead zombies after their vaccine has worn off!  This reaction was unknown to the masses and needs to be stopped. We need you to help conduct the hunt of these infected zombies before they re-infect the population.  Send these zombies back to the grave!

Organizers at KOLI Equestrian Center supply participants with ammo (paint balls) and a paint pall gun on the ZAV (Zombie Assault Vehicle), a military-style truck and double-decker trailer.  The hunt is on!

Visit the website at and select your option for times and availability today.

Details of the hunt for zombies

When: Beginning October 8th – November 7th at KOLI Equestrian Center

Online Immediate Access: $40. Immediate Access gets priority boarding to truck and top tier on trailer at time slot reserved. Minimal wait time. 500 paintballs are included with this purchase.

Door RIP Pass: $40. RIP is boarded after Immediate Access has cleared loading. The wait might be 30 minutes to an hour. 100 paintballs are included with this purchase.

General Admission (Walk-up): $30. There are no time slots booked. It is first come, first served after Immediate Access and RIP Passes have been loaded. Save $5 per person with pre-booking online of General Admission over waiting and paying at the door.