Apple TV Plus is one of the newest and brightest streaming platforms that is attracting a lot of talent and monthly subscribers. Do you have Apple TV Plus or are you considering trying it?

Keep reading for a guide on the hottest shows this platform has to offer. This platform is spending billions of dollars to create tons of original content. With Apple TV Plus, there is about to be tons of new, hot content, that may make this platform one of the most popular in the game.

Keep reading for some of the shows you need to look out for that will provide for days of binge-watching, no matter your genre preference.

The Morning Show 

This show has been drawing tons of attention from both it’s line up of important names, and it’s timely topics. The show stars Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carrell, and was produced by Witherspoon’s production company, Hello Sunshine. This show follows a morning show team as they grapple with difficult topics and situations in the workplace.

This show delves into issues such as the Me Too movement, as well as power struggles and gender in the workplace. With intriguing conflict, as well as a look into the peculiar lifestyle of a morning show host, this series is sure to have you on the edge of your seat. The Morning Show provides great insight into the competitiveness in the industry of news, broadcasting, and reporting.

As one of the biggest shows in the platform’s premiere, this show is available to watch on Apple TV Plus now. After much buzz and success, the show has since been renewed for a second season.


This show tells the story of the life of Emily Dickinson, the 19th-century poet. Despite the shows time-frame and setting, this story is anything but antiquated. The writing relates to a modern audience and is conveyed in a coming of age story arch.

Dickinson offers a great view into the life of a young female with dreams of being a writer in a time period that made this quite difficult to accomplish. It’s an inspiring manifesto about following your dreams despite the odds against you.

Actress Hailee Steinfeld plays the part of Dickinson, making for a riveting main character who is coming into herself and her craft. This show is now available on Apple TV Plus for viewing and has been renewed for a second season.

Oprah’s Book Club 

Oprah has had a book club for years. She even had a segment on her daytime television show to talk about up-and-coming authors and some of her favorite new reads. Now, she’s taking her book club to Apple TV Plus for an exclusive book club focused series.

Oprah sits down to talk about her favorite reads with new authors, turning them into best-sellers overnight. This show is a great watch for Oprah fans and book worms alike. Oprah digs into deep themes while also raising controversial questions. This show is now available for viewing.


If your a fan of psychological thrillers and aren’t worried about watching eerie shows that may keep you up at night, Servant may be just what you’re looking for. It can be viewed now on the Apple TV network.

This story follows a couple in Philadelphia as they deal with the aftermath of an unspeakable tragedy. As the couple mourns, they grow farther apart in their marriage. Things take a turn for the worse when they welcome a mysterious girl into their household.

Defending Jacob 

This show is perfect for fans of legal thrillers. Based on the best selling novel by William Landay, this show is a limited series with 8 episodes. The first few episodes of Defending Jacob are currently available for viewing, with a new episode released weekly.

Chris Evans plays the main character, the father of a 14-year-old boy who has been accused of murder. The show is thrilling and intimate, and questions how much we know about our family members, spouses, and even our own children.

Home Before Dark 

This show is inspired by the life of Hilde Lysiak, a pre-teen journalist. The young girl moves with her family from Brooklyn to a lakeside small town. The girl aspires to be like her father, played by Jim Sturgess, who is also a reporter.

Upon moving, the child reporter gets involved in a cold case that the community of this strange new place has worked to cover up. A dark story told from the perspective of a child balances the cold subject with the character’s fearless determination. This series is now available for streaming.


If you love house decor or love being in awe of exotic homes, this is the perfect show for you. With a documentary lense, this show will explore some of the most innovative and jaw-dropping homes.

The show was produced by veteran documentary writer-producer duo Matt Tyrnauer and Corey Reeser and is now available to stream.

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What to Watch on Apple TV Plus 

With so many streaming options out there, it can be hard to decide which ones are worth trying. Apple TV Plus is proving itself to be one of the hottest streaming services around, with tons of brand new original content available in several genres. With this list of series to watch out for on Apple TV Plus, there is something for everyone.

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