There are various ranges available for night vision goggles. Buying the one which is best suited for you can seem like a daunting task. You could be confused between civilian night vision goggles or the military ones. There are different generations present. Choosing the right one is detrimental. You could be perplexed over the features which are there. One question which a lot of people have is whether there is any legal work attached to owning night vision equipment.

Night vision generations

Night vision generations express various parameters of the goggles such as clarity, brightness, price, and even the longevity of the night vision goggles. They vary from 1 to 4. With each generation, the quality and performance are enhanced. GEN 1 has been around for almost 80 years. It is not that useful since the vision is blurred and unclear.

Essential features to watch out for

The night vision image is significantly improved with the help of auto-gating. It is especially useful when the lighting conditions are dynamic; there is sudden oncoming traffic or a sudden burst of white light. It helps adjust the vision when there is a transition from low-light to night. Typically, only GEN-3 tubes contain the auto-gating tubes. It also acts as a shield for the tubes, protecting them from direct light exposure. The manual gain adjustment feature is useful for changing the image brightness, which is displayed. They are essential in an environment that is under rapid change.

When the light conditions are deficient, IR illuminators can be useful. These infra-red illuminators are capable of emitting light that is almost not visible to the naked eye. You can think of it as some sort of flashlight for your goggles when the light available is insufficient for producing a clear image. An important question to ponder over is how reliable is the power source. Most NVG’s make use of standard AA batteries. There are specialized batteries available, too, for night vision equipment. Magnification is another vital feature. It solely depends on your requirements and needs. Most of the night vision goggles in the market have a magnification of 1X, as it is not feasible to move around with a higher magnification. However, when a static position is involved, a high magnification can come in handy. Night vision goggles with the best features can be purchased from

Working of night vision goggles

Nature has a lot of nocturnal animals that can see clearly in the dark with the help of their large pupils. They make use of the tapetum, which can reflect light, similar to a mirror. Night vision goggles utilize the technology which converts light into electricity. That electricity is boosted and then transformed back to light. Light from the moon or the stars enters the lens front. They are encountered by a light-sensitive surface known as the photocathode, which converts photons to electrons. A photomultiplier then amplifies the electrons, and the electrons are increased in number. The amplified electrons strike a phosphor screen, which produces tiny flashes of light. This causes the night vision goggles to produce light.