2016 Most Admired Company: MC Residential Communities

Events | 14 Sep, 2016 |

MC Residential Communities

Most Admired Company: 2016

Top Arizona executive: Lesley Brice, president

What it does: Full-service real estate investment and property management company.

Admirable quality: When designing the corporate office, MC’s partners created an environment that promotes fun and engagement. A 1950s diner-theme lunch room ensures that lunch provides an atmosphere that fuels employees’ bodies with nourishment, but provides healthy mental nourishment. The MC Game Room, complete with a vintage video arcade game, offers fun. Many team meetings are hosted in this setting. The Think Tank, a room surrounded by white boards and inspirational messages, allows creative juices to flow during meetings.

To meet Arizona’s 2016 Most Admired Companies purchase tickets to the MAC Awards here.

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