RED AWARDS 2014: Best Industrial Project

Events | 26 Feb, 2014 |

On Feb. 26, AZRE hosted the 9th Annual RED Awards reception at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix to recognize the most notable commercial real estate projects of 2013 and the construction teams involved. AZRE held an open call for nominations and more than 100 projects were submitted by architects, contractors, developers and brokerage firms in Arizona. Click here to view all 2014 RED Awards Winners.‎

Marshalls Distribution Facility
Developer: Marshall’s of MA, Inc.
Contractor: Layton Construction
Architect: Ware Malcomb
Brokerage: Cresa
Size: 1,525,876 SF
Completed: September 2013

The Marshall’s Distribution Facility’s sheer scale is awe-inspiring, capping at 1,525,876 SF this facility is not only large but also has energy efficiency and conservation embedded into its framework. The restrooms inside this facility use low-flow water closets and urinals, saving 83,000 gallons of water a year. Instead of being evaporative cooled, Marshall’s is air-conditioned. This will save a whopping 6,000,000 gallons of water per year. The roof of this facility is painted white to avoid trapping heat from the sun, and its HVAC energy system is designed to save energy for the entire building as a whole. The building also uses natural lighting to light many of the areas making the use of artificial lighting low and keeping costs low. When the facility was being constructed, the waste was recycled and the material used was low in volatile organic compounds.

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