Sintra Hoffman: Most Influential Women in Arizona

Events | 16 Aug, 2016 |

Sintra Hoffman, president and CEO, WESTMARC

Hoffman’s professional background includes more than 19 years experience in local, state and federal government. Hoffman led ADOT’s Office of Public Affairs, which focused on building and sustaining relationships with leaders in Arizona’s cities, towns, counties and business community.

Advice: “Don’t take things too personal and learn to laugh at yourself. Know that things are going to turn out well because you have the drive to make it go well.”

Surprising fact: “I’m actually 5-1½. It’s kind of a weird thing because I have a big personality and I wear heels a lot, so people don’t realize how short I am.”

To meet Az Business magazine’s 2016 Most Influential Women, purchase tickets for our cocktail reception here.

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