May 16, 2012

Aubrie Artiano

Fight Ready To Hold Camps For Kids To Combat Bullying, Obesity

Fight Ready, Arizona’s leading martial arts academy, is holding a two-week-long summer camp for kids between the ages of 8-14 geared towards anti-bullying and building leadership skills while improving confidence and fitness through the martial arts.

Fight Ready will teach children anti-bullying techniques that will reduce their likelihood of attack, in addition to self-defense techniques designed to effectively and safely disengage from physical altercations.

Domonique Moore, Fight Ready rep, says, “Most of the kids in our program are there for the same reason; they were bullied in school or sports. Almost every year, Fight Ready (formerly the Lion’s Den), has offered a martial arts summer camp to our members. This year, I wanted to make a larger impact in the community and reach out to as many children as possible, in an effort to help remove bullying in schools, sports and online.”

Through these methods, Fight Ready aims to teach kids how to recognize, refuse and report bullying, as well as to be assertive and build relationships. Studies have found this youth program reduces the occurrence of bullying by 31 percent, and helps cut down the destructive behavior in kids by 70 percent when compared to the national average.

Empowering kids to harness their inner confidence is what this program is all about, and we are very proud to be able to say we make a difference,” Moore says.

The camp will also include sports conditioning to improve kids’ overall fitness level. This will also give them a competitive advantage in any sport they’re currently involved in, or will become involved with, the following school year.Fight Ready

The martial arts portion will cover the basics of wrestling, grappling, Brazilian jiu- jitsu, boxing, muay Thai and judo throws, giving kids a broad, beginner martial arts base.

Pre-registration is required; each session limited to 20 kids:

Session 1: June 4-8 and 11-15
Session 2: June 9-1 and 16-20
Cost: $250
Location: 2954 N Hayden Rd., Scottsdale
Contact: (480) 941-5466

For more information about Fight Ready, visit