On Thanksgiving we feasted! It was then followed by Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where shoppers crowd stores and the Internet for the best deals on all their favorite items. This year sparks a new tradition, one that’s giving these post-Thanksgiving holidays a run for their money. For the first time, nonprofits are creating a movement that reminds us that holidays aren’t just about good deals and lots of eating, but are also about community and giving back — challenging us to think beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This Tuesday November 27, families, business and organizations will come together for a day of philanthropy known as Giving Tuesday. Instead of the traditional shopping sprees, they will spread a different message: one of generosity.

In this, the first year of Giving Tuesday, DrugFreeAZ.org will join nearly 2,000 other organizations looking to make a difference this holiday season in the lives of children and families all across the United States. By logging on to DrugFreeAZ.org, individuals can make individual donations and learn more about how they can get involved in bettering their local communities in Arizona.

Looking to get involved? Here are a view ways to support participating charity and nonprofit organizations:

Make a Donation
Give back to your community this year by logging on to GivingTuesday.org and finding a participating nonprofit organization or charity near you. From monetary donations to providing items of clothing to those in need, the site offers options on ways to donate to the organizations of your choice. At DrugFreeAZ.org, individuals can give back by making monetary donations that go directly back to the organization to help educate parents and children on healthy living.

Give Time
If you didn’t plan ahead for Giving Tuesday and have no money to spare, don’t worry; you can still participate. GivingTuesday.org is full of suggestions for kicking off the giving season with service. Volunteer at your favorite nonprofit or help a neighbor as ways to get involved and teach others the importance of giving back to their community.

Spread the Word
This national holiday has taken the Internet by storm, quickly becoming a digital phenomenon. Through social media promotion efforts, you, too, can get involved. People can follow both on Facebook and on Twitter to find out about events and actions that are occurring near them. Check out Twitter and follow the #GivingTuesday hashtag to learn about the importance of giving, celebrate a season of giving with other participants and share how you plan to give back this year.

No one person acting alone can solve the issues of tomorrow, but acting together, people can make a real difference in the lives of others and support nonprofit organizations and causes all over the United States. With Giving Tuesday upon us, individuals can turn the focus this holiday season from material things to giving back and continuing the great tradition of philanthropy and volunteerism in our communities.

For more information about Giving Tuesday and DrugFreeAZ.org, visit givingtuesday.org and drugfreeaz.org, respectively.