sparrowThe Scottsdale Conservatory Theatre Company of 2013 presents “The Sparrow,” written by Chris Mathews, Jake Minton and Nathan Allen. The play, directed by Scottsdale Community College’s Theatre Arts director Randy Messersmith, is free (with reserved tickets) and open to the public.

The story centers on Emily Book (played by second-year SCT student Sarah Zorman), the lone survivor of a horrible school bus accident, who was sent away from the tiny town of Spring Farm. Now, in her senior year, Emily must return in order to graduate from high school. When she arrives, she is unwillingly thrust into the whirlwind of Spring Farm High and must use her telekinetic powers to save a friend.

“The Sparrow” taps into the fundamental aching of adolescence — fearing that we’re somehow different while hoping that we’re special. The play is appropriate for all ages.

Where: Scottsdale Community College Performing Arts Center, 9000 E. Chaparral Rd. Scottsdale, AZ  85256.

When: Wednesday, June 26 and Thursday, June 27. Performances start at 7:30 p.m.

Admission: Free with reserved seats. To reserve, visit at

For more information, call 480.423.6356.