Eleven Phoenix artists were invited by MADE art boutique to create a bird feeder for twEAT: artist-made bird feeders, our latest in an ongoing series of artist-themed exhibitions. After over a year of hiatus, we are excited to kick-off the recommencement of these themed exhibitions at MADE.

Artist-made bird feeders provide more than just cheap take-out for our fine-feathered friends. They are a great way of livening up your front porch or backyard, and owning one allows you to relax, observe, and connect with nature from the comfort of home. Artist-made bird feeders can come in any shape or size, and can be filled with anything from traditional seed, to peanut butter, to sugary nectar for hummingbirds. These artists have all put their creative juices to good work to design something fun and unique in which to serve the in-flight meal. All objects will be for sale.

The opening reception will be Third Friday, June 15, from 6 p.m.-9 p.m. at MADE, 922 N. Fifth St., Phoenix. The exhibition will be on display through August 30.

Participating artists:

Watch for more information on artist-made bird feeders at Made Art Boutique, visit Made Art Boutique’s website at madephx.com.