You want your new tenants to feel right at home and leave a lasting impression, yet have no idea where to start?

Don’t worry. åWe’re here to help! We have compiled a helpful list of things every landlord must do before welcoming a new tenant!

So, without further ado, let’s dive in! 

Clean and Repair

After an old tenant moves out, you need to search their unit for any signs of mold. If it’s been a while since the unit has been occupied, clean it up again right before the new tenant is ultimately expected.

You can also hire professional cleaners to get the job done, like Maid Pro or Coriana Cleaning and Building Maintenance LLC. Another must-do is to tend to any holes in the drywall moving one room at a time to repair any issues. 

A fresh apartment is what a renter wants to see after a long day of moving.

Provide Utility Contacts

It’s common practice to provide a tenant with information about the utilities at least a week in advance. So they have the ability to call the utility companies ahead of time and set up their services before arrival.

This allows the tenant to have a stress-free move without the scramble of finding contact info.

Put Together a Welcome Package

Surprise your new tenant with a welcome package; a small collection of food, drink, and miscellaneous items. It’s a thoughtful gesture and cost-effective!

A tenant walks through the door expecting an empty space and this will be sure to brighten their day! 

Help With Logistics During a Move

The logistics of moving, including tenant screening, can be somewhat taxing. Educate yourself on the Landlord-Tenant Act and renter’s insurance. You can aid, acting as a liaison for your new tenant if they have any concerns about tenant evaluation. 

Prepare yourself for any questions they might ask and pay attention to the smallest details.

This can be accomplished by:

Providing Parking Information

Do your tenants have vehicles? If they will be parking on the street in major cities, such as Newyork or Miami, they will need to register their vehicles and obtain special parking passes that allow them to park in certain areas.

Providing Other Important Contact Information

Before your tenants move in, you’ll want to make sure that they have all of the contact information that they may need. You’ll want to clearly communicate with your tenants about who they should contact with questions about the property and maintenance issues.  

If you supply this type of information ahead of time, it hardens your reputation as a reliable landlord.

A Warm Welcome for Your New Tenant

Well, there you have it! The top things all landlords must do before welcoming in a new tenant.

When move-in day arrives, you want them to feel comfortable and confident in their decision. A few thoughtful gestures can help them adapt and adjust from day one.

After all, if you make moving a bit simpler, why would they ever think about moving out?

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