The Urban Land Institute of Arizona has received a $12,500 grant to strengthen development opportunities between the City of Phoenix, educational and medical institutions, and the surrounding community that could include infrastructure or real estate development, workforce training, local purchasing and tailored services to expand customer base in surrounding neighborhoods for the “Reinvent PHX,” effort.

ULI’s ongoing involvement with “Reinvent PHX,” unites decision-makers in one-on-one or small group settings surrounding public-private partnership strategies for community revitalization and “shared-value” community investment options.

“We are thrilled to receive the grant to aid the City’s Reinvent PHX, it validates the work completed to date and provides new opportunities for implementation,” said Deb Sydenham, ULI Arizona’s Executive Director. “We look forward to using the money to create lasting partnerships that encourage positive community development.”

The expected outcome is a community-wide understanding of public-private opportunities between the City of Phoenix and anchor institutions. “Reinvent PHX” is targeting key decision-makers representing Gateway Community College, Arizona State University, St. Joseph’s Hospital, University of Phoenix and many others.

In addition, the ULI Arizona District Council will lead a series of ongoing expert facilitated forum(s) on public-private partnership opportunities. Discussions will surround district parking facilities, employee/student housing and real estate development to encourage strategic and mutually beneficial industry clusters.

The money received for the program will support ULI priorities such as considerable relevancy and focus on the “Creation of Resilient Communities,” and “Connecting Capital and the Built Environment Through Value,” goals.

Interested parties should contact Deb Sydenham, Executive Director, ULI Arizona (602-449-7921) to find out more about the grant ULI received or about “Reinvent PHX.” For more information on ULI Arizona visit