If there’s one thing that’s true about this digital age in which we live, it’s that the vast majority of people have access to the Internet. More and more, it seems like everyone and their grandmother has a smartphone, and everyone’s using their devices to take advantage of the plethora of content that the Internet provides.

Thus, if you’re in the real estate industry, you should be leveraging the Internet. But marketing real estate online doesn’t seem to be straightforward — where do you even start if you don’t have any prior marketing experience?

In this article, we’ll answer that exact question for you by providing you with five actionable tips that you can start implementing today.

1. Leverage Email

The first thing to keep in mind as you market real estate online is that you should be leveraging email marketing. Studies show that email marketing provides a 4200% return on your investment. By harvesting your target audience’s emails and providing them with a targeted drip campaign, you can constantly show your audience the properties that they are interested in.

The best way to harvest emails is to get your audience to sign up for a newsletter. To incentivize this, offer a free consultation service or give them access to behind-the-scenes blog content.  

2. Get on Social Media

Social media marketing is a vital tool in the arsenal of any real estate marketer. You need to get on social media if you want to be where your customers are.

One caveat though: make sure not to spread yourself too thin across too many platforms. Know which platforms your target audience tends to frequent, and limit your efforts to those platforms that will provide the most ROI.

3. Be Visible on Search Engines

Everyone’s always searching for things that they want online, including real estate. So it’s crucial that you leverage location-based SEO to be visible whenever your target audience is searching for real estate listing close to you.

In order to rank high in the Google search results, you have to have a high-quality website with good amounts of relevant content. You also will need to structure your website’s back end in a way that’s conducive to Google’s ranking factors.

4. Try Pay-Per-Click

Pay-per-click advertising is a tried-and-tested way to funnel targeted traffic into your website. Once you find the right advertising segments that describe your average customers, PPC can be thought of as an almost unlimited source of high-conversion traffic.

5. Work with Other Businesses

Last but not least, consider working with other businesses in order to establish both of your brands online. See if a complementary real estate service will participate in a share-for-share social media program, or go in with you on some kind of discount and promotion on an expired listing. The net result is that you get to pool your audiences, resulting in more customers for both of you.

Marketing Real Estate Online Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

There you have it — marketing real estate online doesn’t have to be hard. By following these tips, you’re well on your way toward funneling more customers into your business via the Internet.

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