Did you know there were 28,311 homes for sale in Arizona in July? That’s down 29% compared to the year-ago period.

Meanwhile, the median sale price in July 2023 was $434,500 — down 2.3% versus a year earlier — and the 7,877 homes sold in July 2023 translates into a 6.6% drop year-over-year. While the numbers are down this year, plenty of people are still viewing homes and tabling offers.

When people in Arizona go house-hunting in the state, there are some features and designs at the top of their wish lists. Keep reading to see five features that are in high demand.

1. Big Backyard

One of the things Arizona homebuyers look for is a big backyard. People want spacious backyards, whether they need room for their kids or pets to play, space to create outdoor living spaces, or areas to create flower or vegetable gardens that beautify their properties. 

Homebuyers don’t want to be cooped up indoors all the time. They experienced enough of that during the lockdowns to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Homes with large backyards provide options for spending time outdoors or simply having more space to do things. 

Being outside isn’t just about getting fresh air. It’s also about lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety and stress levels, and encouraging more social interaction. 

So, two thumbs up to big backyards. 

2. Single-Level Living

Another vital feature homebuyers in Arizona are clamoring for is single-level living. In other words, they want everything on one floor. People have different reasons for preferring single-level homes over multi-level homes. 

One of them is energy efficiency since such homes need less energy for cooling and heating. A family with young children might appreciate having all bedrooms, bathrooms, and other areas on one level. It’ll be easier to keep an eye on everyone. Another benefit is that such a home can be more accessible for people with mobility issues.

3. Open-Concept Layout

Many homebuyers these days are interested in the open-concept layout. A single-level home isn’t necessarily an open-concept home. Having both in a single home counts as a great find for many people in Arizona who are looking for a house to buy. 

An open-concept floor plan makes it easier for people in the same space to communicate, there’s a better flow of foot traffic since there are fewer doors to get in the way, and natural light can more easily disperse throughout the home. 

It’s no wonder why many homebuyers in Arizona look specifically for this layout option. 

4. Ceramic Floors

Another popular feature Arizona homebuyers seek out is ceramic floors. While some prefer hardwood, engineered hardwood, laminate, or even carpet, others prefer ceramic flooring. A home will come with various types of flooring depending on the area of the home. Ceramic flooring is a great option for bathrooms and kitchens, for instance. They’re the right option in many high-traffic areas of a home, and it’s something homebuyers want.

5. Playground

Yet another feature many Arizona homeowners look for when in the market for homes is a playground. A home with a large backyard can easily accommodate a playground for the kids. It’s a feature that can make a house more attractive to homebuyers with children in tow.

Moving Out of State

While most Arizonans who move do so within the state, it’s important to note there are moves elsewhere in the country and even internationally. According to one source, 7,054 people moved to Florida from Arizona in 2019. That made Florida the sixth most popular state for Arizona residents to move to. If a move to a Florida region like Downtown West Palm Beach is in the cards, it’s vital to need to spend time researching Downtown West Palm Peach neighborhoods


These five features are among the most popular for Arizonans in the hunt for new homes. People are still buying and selling homes, and it goes without saying that the ones with these sought-after features stand to receive more interest than those that lack such features.