When you’re looking to sell your property or even just trying to turn your home into a place you’re proud of, it can be difficult to think of effective ways to raise your property’s value. Some ideas seem petty and not worthwhile, whereas other investments can seem too big and daunting, especially if you can’t guarantee it’s going to boost the value of your home.

With this frame of mind, today, we’re going to explore the five tried and tested methods that will raise the value of your property and will make it an ideal prospect for respective buyers. Let’s get into it.

1. Convert Your Attic Space

People love having homely little sanctuaries within their homes, sometimes referred to as nooks, and there’s no better place to do this than by converting the attic into a livable space. Of course, you’ll need an attic in the first palace, but tastefully renovating this space can add as much as $60,000 to your property value, so seriously, think about it.

2. Become More Energy Efficient

Everyone is talking about ‘going green’ these days and taking some steps to turn your home into a greener one, in other words making it ‘future-ready,’ is a great way to increase value. There are endless ways you can do this, by replacing your electrical appliances, updating your windows, improving your insulation, upgrading your boiler, and many more.

Improving your energy certification rating can add as much as $16,000 to your home’s value, so it’s certainly something worth looking into.

3. Work on the Exterior

First impressions mean everything, so even if you have the most beautiful home on the inside, if the outside of your property doesn’t look the part, then you’re instantly going to put people off. You can increase property value immensely by sorting out the garden, adding window boxes, tidying your porch, cleaning the walls with high pressure washers, polishing your signage, and repainting your fence.

It’s small improvements like this that can add big value to whoever’s interested.

4. Consider Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring has many benefits, including adding a regal feel to your home, making it easier to keep clean, being better for asthmatics, and so on. Wooden floors are a great touch to any home, so think about replacing your floors with hardwood ones in order to increase your overall value.

5. Get a Balcony

If possible, it’s well worth thinking about getting a balcony for your property. They are known to add as much as 12% to your property’s value, and this is especially suitable if you have nice views or a nice garden to look out on.


There are many ways, both big and small, to increase the value of your property, but the best thing to do is to take a step back and look at your property through the eyes of someone else. This way, you’ll start noticing things you can change and improvements you can make that will make a world of difference!