Are you lucky enough to have hardwood floors in your home? If so, they can both make your house look beautiful and increase the value of it.

You will, however, need to get into the habit of keeping your hardwood flooring clean to make the most of it. Hardwood floors won’t require as much maintenance as some other types of flooring. But there are hardwood floor maintenance steps you’ll need to keep in mind.

Are you familiar with the latest hardwood floor care practices? If not, now would be a great time for you to get to know more about them. It’ll guarantee you always have clean floors in your home that look their absolute best.

We’ve created a guide to help walk you through the basics of hardwood floor care below. Check it out and see to it that you do everything in your power to keep your hardwood floors clean.

Sweep Hardwood Floors on a Daily Basis

At first glance, your home’s hardwood floors aren’t going to look very dirty at all. Even if you don’t sweep them, they should glow from the second you have them installed in your home.

But there will often be a layer of dirt and dust that will build up on hardwood floors over the course of a day. You should work to remove it so that it doesn’t take a toll on the appearance of your wood floors.

You don’t necessarily need to sweep every single nook and cranny of rooms with hardwood floors. But you should try to stop dirt and dust from congregating on the main parts of your wood floors as best you can.

Clean Up Spills on Hardwood Floors ASAP

Moisture is going to be your hardwood flooring’s biggest enemy. If you let something as simple as water spill on your floor and just sit there, it could lead to long-term discoloration and even staining.

For this reason, you shouldn’t hesitate to clean up spills on your hardwood floors as soon as you notice them. The quicker you clean them up, the lower the chances of them doing any damage to your hardwood floors.

It’ll be especially important to clean up things like coffee and wine if they ever spill on your hardwood floors. They can wreak havoc on these floors and put you in a position where you might need to have them refinished sooner rather than later.

Avoid Dragging Things Across Hardwood Floors

You’ll need to worry about more than just spills impacting the appearance of your hardwood flooring. You’ll also need to take care of doing anything that might scratch your wood floors.

If, for example, you slide a heavy dresser across your wood floors without putting anything underneath it to protect your floors, it might scratch them all up. It’s why you shouldn’t ever drag anything across your wood floors.

Hardwood flooring is very durable for the most part. But you can do some damage to it if you aren’t careful about what you move around on top of it.

Use Cleaners Designed Specifically for Hardwood Floors

Deep cleaning your home’s hardwood floors every now and then will be a necessity. But you shouldn’t pull out a mop and water and get down to business getting them clean.

Instead, you should opt for special cleaners that have been created just for hardwood flooring. They’ll help you get your hardwood floors clean without putting them at risk.

Make sure you pay close attention to the instructions on the back of these cleaners. They’ll explain the best ways to use them to clean your hardwood floors.

Refinish Hardwood Floors Every So Often

No matter how careful you are with your home’s hardwood floors, they’re going to start to look the worse for wear eventually. Not even the best hardwood floor care practices in the world will make them glisten forever.

But not to worry. You can typically have hardwood floors refinished so that they’ll shine again. Refinishing floors will involve sanding them down ever so slightly before putting a fresh coating on the surface of them.

You might be able to make old hardwood floors look brand-new again by refinishing them. You’ll be amazed to see how wonderful they look when you’re all finished with them.

Replace Hardwood Floors as Necessary

Outside of the fact that hardwood floors look incredible and can add value to your home, another great thing about them is that they’ll last a long time. Most hardwood floors will stick around for decades before you even have to think about ripping them up and replacing them.

There will come a time when you’ll need to replace them, though, and when you do, you should shop around for the right flooring to take their place. CoreTec floors would be a great option for you.

Buying CoreTec online is so easy to do. You should begin shopping for these types of flooring now if you know you’ll need to replace some of the floors in your house soon.

Utilize These Hardwood Floor Care Tips to Your Advantage

By using each of the basic hardwood floor care practices that we’ve discussed here, you should be able to keep your hardwood flooring around for a long time. You should also be able to make your hardwood floors look amazing at all times.

Hardwood floors shouldn’t require too much maintenance on our part. But the maintenance you do will really pay off in the end.

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