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A rendering of Proxy333, one of Phoenix’s many recent luxury apartments.

May 5, 2016

AZ Big Media

Apartment community offers concierge service

Apartment communities have been making great strides with awesome amenities to attract the modern resident, and the Residences at Fountainhead is no different with the launch of its personal concierge service that hopes to be your personal assistant.

The Pinnacle Concierge Service can do it all, from order tonight’s dinner to ordering those awesome drapes you saw in the model unit before moving in, said Bryan Fasulo, regional property manager at Pinnacle.

The service uses multiple vendors to help residents with any needs, he said. Folks can get their items dry cleaned, have the service make reservations, book a flight and much more, Fasulo added.

The service isn’t restricted to Arizona either.

“(Even) if you’re in Washington D.C. for a weekend, you can call, and they’ll check restaurant availability, and set reservations for you,” Fasulo said.

All residents have to do, is sign up for the program, and they can give it as much information as they’d want so it can start working for them, Fasulo said.

At the moment, the concierge system is only available at the Residences at Fountainhead, Fasulo said, but it will be coming to Proxy333 once it’s finished.

Residents can even get discounts on items through the services’ vendors, Fasulo said.

Some of its vendors include: CostCo, Best Buy, PetCo and more.

During his time using it, one of Fasulo’s favorite uses of the service was using it to get driving directions for a meeting he had to make. Fasulo knew the name of the place he was going to, but didn’t remember its address, or location. He called the concierge service told them the name of the place, and in no time the directions were sent to his phone.

“It’s a great little program, especially for today’s fast-paced lifestyle,” Fasulo said.