In a quest to uncover the symbiosis between aesthetics and corporate ethos, we’ve gathered insights from ten industry leaders, including founders and a clinical director. From soothing tones fostering maternal comfort to diverse artwork encouraging calm inclusion, explore how art and culture are woven into the fabric of office spaces, enhancing both identity and atmosphere. Art, culture, and office interiors: Here’s how leaders infuse identity into workspaces:

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  • Soothing Tones Foster Maternal Comfort
  • Biophilic Design Refreshes Workspace
  • Cultural Art Inspires Inclusivity
  • Travel-Themed Decor Enhances Credibility
  • Natural Elements Boost Employee Well-Being
  • Digital Mosaic Celebrates Cultural Diversity
  • Narrative Office Design Cultivates Creativity
  • Artistic Themes Stimulate Shared Purpose
  • Art Therapy Spaces Promote Harmony
  • Diverse Artwork Encourages Calm Inclusion

Soothing Tones Foster Maternal Comfort

We opt for soft, warm earth tones for all our office interiors. As a maternity clinic with a vested interest in serving our patients the most comfortable, organic, and natural experience, that should always be reflected in how we keep and curate our spaces. 

In the waiting room or the examination room, it’s imperative to us that we lead with soothing tones to reflect our intentions and capacities to soothe and serve our clients where they are in their own lives. As a result, our offices enjoy a relaxed, down-to-earth culture that helps keep us grounded in our work.

Joanne Demeireles, CXO, Oula Health

Biophilic Design Refreshes Workspace

We’ve incorporated elements of biophilic design by adding indoor plants and greenery throughout our office space. This aligns with our value of nature appreciation and environmental stewardship. The impact has been a rejuvenating and refreshing workspace that connects us to the natural world.

David Gaglione, Founding Partner, PS212

Cultural Art Inspires Inclusivity

In our office design, we’ve seamlessly woven art and cultural elements that mirror our organization’s identity of inclusivity and creativity. Vibrant murals and sculptures from local artists adorn our workspace, fostering a sense of community and celebrating diversity. 

This integration has transformed our office into an inspiring and welcoming environment, boosting employee morale, sparking innovation, and reinforcing our commitment to a diverse and dynamic workplace culture.

Brian Chen, Founder, Shroom Daddy’s

Travel-Themed Decor Enhances Credibility

Using art and cultural elements, I cannot think of a better way to correlate office design with what my company does daily. I own and operate a successful travel business, so with this function in mind, I purposefully fill my workspace with treasured art, cultural pieces, and intriguing keepsakes I have collected along my many journeys.

As a travel company, this method of design expression offers the accurate impression that we know our stuff and are more than capable of assisting our clients with achieving their own goals of seeing interesting places. Through this material “proof” of travel, we can also inherently imply that we have not only conquered the beaten path but have also personally maneuvered through crowded airports, overcome disrupted itineraries, and packed more than one oversized suitcase.

This sense of relating through hands-on experiences adds to my company’s credibility and overall impression. I cannot recommend enough tying your own business space with what your company does. This visual continuity will reflect your organization’s identity and values and encourage a similar mindset within your office’s walls without saying a word.

Saya Nagori, Founder, Wander DC

Natural Elements Boost Employee Well-Being

We all feel more connected and at ease when we are close to nature. Keeping this in mind, we established our office space, whose layout is spacious and full of natural light and greenery. The addition of indoor plants, natural materials, and wooden floors has assisted us in creating a truly warm and serene environment within the office. 

This small change has made our employees feel more energized and productive during their working hours. Furthermore, we have noticed a significant shift in their mood and behavior while working.

Wayne Mills, Head of Operations UK and Ireland, Seven Seas Worldwide

Digital Mosaic Celebrates Cultural Diversity

An avant-garde experiment has been unleashed in fusing technology and tradition in the heart of our workspace. In the spirit of creating a “Digital Mosaic of Diversity,” interactive panels have been built that collect real-time samples of our team’s different cultural experiences. 

These digital tiles, exhibited in a mosaic pattern over a designated wall, not only showcase the vibrant tapestry of our collective identity but also encourage employees to submit their own cultural expressions via a specialized app. This marriage of art and technology symbolizes Superpixel’s dedication to innovation and has transformed our office into a dynamic, ever-changing exhibition of personal and collective storytelling.

Kelvin Wira, Founder, Superpixel

Narrative Office Design Cultivates Creativity

Our office design is an immersive narrative that tells the story of our organization. The entrance, reminiscent of a grand stage, features rotating exhibits highlighting milestones, with each exhibit carefully curated to resonate with our values. 

Workspaces are named after influential thinkers who inspire us and bring meaning to our daily tasks. Local artists’ sculptures and installations adorn common areas, capturing the spirit of our community’s involvement. The beating heart of our office is an interactive digital wall where employees can contribute their artistic expressions. 

This creative combination of curated displays, deliberate naming, and collaborative digital art has transformed our workspace into a living, breathing testament to our culture, fostering a sense of belonging and creativity among our team.

Jason Tebeau, President and CEO, Da Vinci Medical

Artistic Themes Stimulate Shared Purpose

I oversaw a transformative office design that uniquely ties together art and cultural themes, reflecting our organization’s character and principles. Our office walls are covered with a custom mural, created in collaboration with a local artist, that symbolizes unity and variety. Each department has its own color palette, which reflects the variety of abilities and viewpoints that comprise Arbtech. 

Furthermore, we’ve included interactive pieces, such as a kinetic sculpture driven by renewable energy sources, to demonstrate our dedication to innovation and environmentally conscious methods. The influence on our workplace atmosphere is significant; it’s more than just an office; it’s a dynamic, living space that stimulates creativity, cooperation, and a shared sense of purpose among our employees.

Robert Oates, Managing Director, Arbtech

Art Therapy Spaces Promote Harmony

Recognizing the importance of well-being, we’ve incorporated art therapy spaces within our office. These areas offer employees a serene environment to express themselves creatively, reducing stress and promoting mental wellness. This integration has contributed to a more balanced and harmonious workspace.

Ryan Zomorodi, COO and Co-Founder, Real Estate Skills

Diverse Artwork Encourages Calm Inclusion

We use a variety of different artworks in our office to create the right atmosphere. It is important to us that our employees and clients are able to feel calm and safe in our workplace. Natural pieces, like lakes, mountains, or forests, create a simple, tranquil feeling. 

Our firm also prioritizes inclusion. Many of our clients come from different cultures and social groups. We like to include paintings made by artists from diverse backgrounds. These paintings can tell a story. They can make it easier for our clients to reflect, open up, and feel seen.

Sarah Boss, Clinical Director, The Balance Rehab Clinic