Erin Davis, associate editor of AZRE: Arizona Commercial Real Estate Magazine, is quick to admit that she has “a slight obsession with Star Wars.”

But what a lot of people don’t know about her is that she is also a children’s book author. Davis, the mother of three girls, released her first children’s book, “Stick to it Chick,” on April 4. Here are five questions with the multitalented editor and writer:

AZRE: How did you come up with the idea for “Stick To It Chick?”

Erin Davis: Growing up, I loved silly stories with lovable characters. One of my favorites series was “George and Martha,” by James Marshall, and all the Sandra Boynton books. Much of my writing for children patterns the goofiness and simplicity from the stories I adored as a child. I’ve always been a visual storyteller and one night at 2 a.m., I woke up with a picture of a small chick attached to a large junkyard magnet and actually laughed out loud thinking about how fun it would be to write a story about a literal chick magnet.

AZRE: Who is your target audience for “Stick To It Chick?”

ED: Generally, toddler-to-early reader, although I’ve noticed that “Stick To It Chick” has been well received by children in upper grades. When doing school visits, I’ve noticed that fourth- and fifth-graders in particular, enjoy the humor of puns. I also use the book as a creative-writing tool to illustrate what happens when an ordinary character becomes extraordinary. It’s amazing what happens when young thinkers are unleashed to craft their very own character into something unique and special. One time, a student made me extraordinary by turning me into a Chupacabra. Scary! 

Erin Davis2
Stick To It Chick protagonist Chick #6. Handcrafted by Sally Hogancamp.

AZRE: How does your creative writing background help when you have to write about a commercial real estate issue or business topic?

ED: One of the most challenging aspects of my new position with AZRE was how I would be received by experts in the industry. Early on, I asked an AZ Big Media client if she was concerned about me coming in as a newbie to the CRE industry. I loved her reply. “Not at all! If anything, I think it’s better. You will be seeing the industry with fresh eyes and can bring a storytelling aspect that will be refreshing to readers.” I can’t lie — I wanted to jump up and hug her. Since our meeting, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to be encouraged with similar sentiments from others. Going forward, I plan to use both my creative and journalistic backgrounds when approaching CRE content, while continuing to call upon the knowledge and kindness of seasoned veterans.

AZRE: How do you hope to impact readers with “Stick To It Chick?”

ED: I can’t tell you how many times during the writing, illustrating and publishing process that I threw up my hands and said, “Ugh, I just can’t do this.” Without fail, my good friend Karen would say, “What’s the title of your book Erin?!” In a time when perseverance can feel impossible, my hope is that readers young and old can remember the importance of “stick-to-it-ness” — especially when tied to a dream. There have been many times and situations when I felt like the odd girl out, or frustrated when faced with adversity. But by staying the course, I received benefits beyond my greatest expectations. 

AZRE: How do you hope to impact readers of AZRE magazine?

ED: I’ve always been intrigued by people. Even in my limited time at AZRE, I find people within the CRE industry fascinating. Without sounding too much like a new-age hippie — not that there’s anything wrong with that — my hope is to draw out more of the humanity and unique aspects of this industry. I’d like readers to know more about the minds and hands behind the buildings and businesses. I want readers to receive more than a article, I want them to enjoy a story.  

Editor’s note: Erin Davis says the first five AZRE readers to use the hyperlinks above or here to buy her book will also receive a free “Chick Magnet” holiday ornament as a special “thank you.”

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