Becoming one of AZRE magazine’s Most Influential Women in Commercial Real Estate for 2024 requires a combination of skills, strategies and mindset. 

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“I attribute my success to old-fashioned hard work, perseverance and a willingness to risk failure,” says Andrea Piering, co-owner and president of Sun State Builders and one of AZRE’s Most Influential Women for 2024. “When someone says it can’t be done, I don’t let it stop me. After five years at Sun State Builders, I knew I wanted to stay to become a leader in the company.”

For women in commercial real estate, gaining expertise in the field through education, training and experience is crucial. Building a strong network of contacts within the industry and beyond can provide valuable opportunities for mentorship, collaboration and career advancement.

“I’m incredibly dedicated to the business and willing to learn everything I can to support my team,” says Monica May-Dunn, owner and CEO of Arizona Escrow & Financial Corporation and one of AZRE’s Most Influential Women for 2024. “With the incredible amount of networking that has been done over the past couple of years, we have developed many valuable relationships. Trust and camaraderie fostered through these relationships has enhanced teamwork, communication and problem-solving within our organization.”

For women who aspire to become leaders in commercial real estate, developing strong communication and negotiation skills is essential for navigating the competitive and often male-dominated real estate sector. Confidence, resilience and a proactive approach to challenges can help women in real estate establish their presence and credibility.

“I’ve always embraced opportunities and challenges that came my way, even when they pushed me out of my comfort zone,” says Mary Veldkamp, senior project manager for Brinkmann Constructors and one of AZRE’s Most Influential Women for 2024. “That nervous excitement helped me develop the skills needed to advance my career. Building lasting relationships has also been important not just for my current project but for creating future opportunities.”

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The Most Influential Women in Commercial Real Estate for 2024

Lindsay Bruckal, Clayco

Wendy Cohen, president and CEO, Kitchell 

Julie Cornelius, Lincoln Property Company 

Nicole Cuéllar, CG Schmidt

Rumpa Dey, AECOM

Vicki Etherton, Landmark Title Assurance Agency

Kathy Foster, Colliers

Emily Ganem, Ganem Construction

Jenny Liles, Cresa

Monica May-Dunn, Arizona Escrow & Financial Corporation

Taylor Perkins, CHASSE Building Team

Nicole Solar, Olsson

Andrea Piering, Sun State Builders

Rachelle Strole, Capital Asset Management

Mary Veldkamp, Brinkmann Constructors