December 21, 2022

John Foster

Best tips to maintain a pristine look for your wooden deck

A deck or patio is a beautiful addition to your home. Whether you like to entertain with BBQ dinners for family and friends or just grab a bit of R&R enjoying your Thunderbolt casino bonuses to play your favorite online casino games relaxing on your chaise lounge on your deck, you want to thoroughly enjoy this special space.  It needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained to remain safe and appealing, just like other spaces inside your residence.

A number of materials, including wood, can be used to create the effect you’re going for. Whether made of composites or wood, the deck will require regular cleaning to stay in top shape.

You must perform regular upkeep and repair to preserve your deck in its best shape. Although elegant and aesthetically pleasing, wooden decks can deteriorate quickly. If you stop to think about it, heavy foot traffic is typically to blame for the rapid decay of wood.

The wood also ages as a result of continuous exposure to sunlight and rain. The sunshine ages the wood while moisture that pools inside it attracts pollen and fungi, which causes the wood to become discolored.

It is crucial to develop a maintenance routine after applying to prevent such damage from occurring.

Doing the right things while avoiding mistakes is essential to maintain your patio or deck. Here are some simple steps to keep your patio looking good.


1. Seal and coat your wooden deck only when necessary

Sealing and coating will transform your deck significantly. Staining will help your aged wood achieve a fresh and clean aesthetic.

You, however, need to remember to be hands-on with your maintenance. Maintaining your patio well will keep it looking new for much longer. There is a wide range of high-quality sealants and coats, and some products even combine the two into one.

2. Fix split wood, nail pops, and missing boards

If your patio was correctly installed, there shouldn’t be many issues with the boards. As wood ages, it does expand and contract. Because of this, any space on your deck might sometimes come loose or begin to creak.

Whenever you notice such issues be sure to screw everything down in a timely fashion. Always sand down any sharp splinters if you see them. Fixing all these minor issues immediately will save you from dealing with more significant problems over time.

3. Conduct professional maintenance

It will be crucial to take extra precautions from the outset if you recently erected a new deck. Hire a pro to clean it so they can get rid of any pollutants on the surface and eliminate any mildew spores that are inside the wood.

These will prevent the sealant from permeating the wood efficiently. To get the wood colored or cleaned, you must, however, wait around two months for it to age.

4. Be careful when power washing

Using too much pressure when cleaning your wooden deck can cause severe damage. When you want to power wash, ensure you hire an experienced hand.

You can also do this cleaning yourself as long as you control the pressure of the water. After your power washing, ensure that you seal your wooden deck immediately.

5. Carry out repairs as soon as they occur

Replace any rotten or damaged boards as soon as you notice them. You won’t need to replace your entire deck. Be sure to include tightening loose boards and railings in your routine maintenance.

6. Avoid trapping dirt

Your flower pots won’t collect moisture or dirt on the deck surface after you’ve done maintenance on the deck if you set them up on cement blocks first.

7. Use a grill catcher

It is ideal to use a grease catcher if you are having a barbecue with your loved ones and grilling on your deck. Grease stains are among the toughest types of stains to remove; therefore, it will stop them from getting onto your hardwood surface.


1. Sanding your wooden deck right before sealing

Sanding is only necessary when your patio’s surface is too rough for comfort. It is unnecessary to sand it down when this is not the case, as it will only add extra steps to the finishing process.

Sanding strips off your top stain layer; thus, you will have to add more sealer and stain coats to achieve a neat result.

2. Using harsh cleaners on surrounding plants

When you are engrossed in making your deck beautiful and neat, you could be carried away and forget about your plants.

To avoid destroying the plants in the surrounding, don’t hose muriatic acid onto your plants. An exception is if the solution is dilute. Drape your plants with a plastic sheet and use mild cleaning solutions. This will keep your plants safe from damage by harsh cleaning chemicals.

Being keen on details is essential when maintaining and cleaning your patio. These do’s and don’ts will help you care for the deck properly and improve your patio’s overall look.

3. Applying solid stains or paint

Avoid painting or using a solid stain on your deck because these finishes will eventually peel. Because of the amount of care needed, it can end up costing a considerable amount of money and time.

An oil-based stain may be the best option because it will protect your deck. These stains also disappear gently and gradually.

The bottom line

If you want your patio to last a lot longer, it’s critical to pay attention to your maintenance regimen. You can do that with the help of these suggestions.